Believe it or not …summer is almost here and to my mind it’s the perfect time to think about adding a little pop of colour to our make up, in particular our eye makeup! Let’s be honest here….many of us have a tendency to stick with our tried and tested, good old reliable eye makeup look …for me it’s black mascara and black khol pencil day, night and everything in between. Recently I’ve been seduced by some gorgeous coloured mascaras in peacock shades of blue, green, purple and even vibrant pink and while my heart will always belong to deep, dark and velvety black, I’ve started to use blue mascara on my outer lashes.
Many women that I’ve spoken to seem to have self limiting beliefs about makeup and what they can, can’t or shouldn’t wear over 30 or 40 …and one of those myths extends to coloured mascara ….WRONG….you can wear what you want, it’s all about what works for you and more importantly how you wear it :)
One of the things that I love about coloured mascara is that it looks good on everyone ….there is a colour to suit you, and on dark skinned beauties the colours really pop!
Here are some tips:
👄Ideally coordinating your mascara with your eye colour is a good way to get started:
Brown eyes tend to look great with almost any colour, although blues really look fab.


Collection Extreme Coloured Lengthening Mascara in Blue £2.99 from

Kiko super colour mascara in Sky Blue  £3.90 from

Blue eyes really pop with pinkish/plum shades

Green eyes look stunning with purple shades
Grey eyes look pretty with pinks and purples




YSL Luxurious Mascara for False Lash Effect in Violet £25.00 from

Chanel’s Le Volume De Chanel Mascara in 100 Ardent Purple £25.00 from

👄If you don’t wish to go all the way with a brightly coloured mascara, why not try using your regular mascara and then apply your coloured mascara to the tips of your lashes.




By Terry Terrybly mascara in  Green Galaxy £33.50 from

👄For a more dramatic effect use your regular mascara and then use your coloured mascara on the outer lashes, flicking them outwards for a feline effect and then repeat on the lower outer lashes, again flicking them outwards.

👄You can apply your coloured mascara to your lower lashes alone, creating a contrast with your upper lashes.

👄Or you can just go for it and coat your lashes completely in glorious colour!
👄the rest of your makeup needs to compliment your eyes …my personal preference is for the rest of the makeup to be low key and polished, allowing your eyes to take centre stage and to avoid looking overdone.