Have you noticed how many new lip products there are at the moment? We really are spoilt for choice with textures and colours. Our latest obsession is the fabulous Ciate Liquid Velvet Lipstick which is proving to be a real show stopper! How many times have you bought a liquid lipstick that promises amazing things like long lasting colour, pure pigment, moisturising, transfer resistant etc… Only to discover that if you’re lucky you get maybe one of the above.


Well here is good news…these deliver! Great colour in the form pure velvety pigment. Plus these are moisturising and matte at the same time which is rare to find in a liquid lip colour, they are usually either too moist and bleed over your lip line or they are too drying and you need to apply lip balm to make them wearable.

These are formulated with and enriched with intensely conditioning hyaluronic acid which smooths the lips, helping them to appear supple and fuller, and its precision tip ensures perfect application. Plus there are no  Parabens, Sulfates or Phthalates!

They come in 12 gorgeous colours, so you’re bound to find the right one for you, we tried the gorgeous red ‘Diva’.

The other great thing about these is that they are long lasting…really long lasting! May had it on for 5 hours without retouching, including eating and drinking! Armani likes using lip gloss, and so after a couple of hours added lip gloss over hers which ruined the matte effect. Mine lasted for several hours and I ended up removing it with makeup remover, so for me this is a winner…loving the lush texture and the longevity! A new addition to my makeup bag!

Buy the lipsticks from Ciate