We attended the launch of this stunning range of colour Riche nail polishes by L’oreal and we were not disappointed! There are actually 22 shades in this collection, so there is something for everyone and every mood…whether it’s bold drama or cool mystery :)

so what’s special about these nail polishes?

Well here’s what L’oreal say : “A blend of precious oils and intense colour pigments, for sophisticated, powerful colours. With a patented flexi brush for the easiest, most precise application.
The wide fan shaped brush with over 400 bristles allows for a precise and quick application to the nail and is drip-resistant to help achieve a perfect finish.”

Here’s what we say

1- Okay first of all it has to be said that these  are beautifully designed bottles and will look great anywhere.

2- These polishes go on like a dream, the special brush allows for easy and even application.

3- with most of the shades you only need 1 coat of polish.

4 -THEY LAST! two members of team wow had their nails done at the event and 2 weeks later ….I repeat 2 weeks later their nails still looked good. I have to say that I accused both of them of walking around with their hands in the air….clearly the oils must be doing something to make these polishes last so well!

Armani went for the gorgeous green ‘Vert Absynthe’image

Sandra went for the glamorous grey ‘ Greige Amoureux’.


Available from Superdrug