Pur Minerals might make you think 100% cruelty free and eco-friendly mineral powders and you’d be right!  They also continuously grow by offering more innovative and purposeful products such as the Sunkissed Glow Strobe and Highlighting palette, ideal for your dose of daily glow.

This seasons ‘new look’, Galactic Glow is a highly charged, dramatically radiant and extreme bronzing affair easily achieved with the help of this trio of ‘barely-there to touch’ buildable creams. To amp up your existing tan to another dimension apply the deepest shade with a contoured blending brush to chisel cheekbones, temples and jawline or use to highlight for darker skins and revel in a molten skin effect.  The peachy mid-colour creates a warmth to apples of cheeks whilst the palest achieves a High Priestess eye-catching sheen when applied to the central parts of the face; forehead, bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow and chin.

It’s a versatile bit of kit and has moved on from previous glow palettes which tend to be in powder form with a focus on a brightening, while the Sunkissed Glow Strobe/Highlighting palette delivers non-transferable creams for natural to cosmic results staying put effortlessly with an inner glow effect.

Buy the palette for £24 from Marks and Spencer

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