Okay so it’s no secret that makeup primers are officially ‘a thing’… you really can’t escape them. I’ll be honest and confess that in over 18 years as a makeup artist, its’ only in the last couple of years that I’ve started using primers. Why? I guess because as a makeup artist I’ve always taken pride in being able to work magic with skin… which is what many other artists will tell you. However more importantly is the fact that the new primers are fantastic! Primers have become valuable tools in make up bags everywhere because not only do they help to create the flawless finish that many aspire to but also because even if you don’t wear much makeup, they can make your skin look better!

Here’s why I like primers:

Well a good primer can really make a difference to the finish of your foundation because it smooths and refines your skin, correcting imperfections and making your makeup last longer.
Some of you have probably had the experience of applying your foundation and struggling to get it to go on smoothly, ending up with it looking blotchy and uneven: a good primer will alleviate this by creating a smooth canvas for your foundation.
There is a primer to suit everyone..whether you have normal, dry, oily or aging skin theres a primer just for you.
Anti aging primers are wonderful because they often have ingredients that create a blur effect on fine lines and imperfections.
Many modern primers also work to keep your skin hydrated, so you get skincare as well as priming, which results in your makeup lasting much longer.
Also if you live in a hot or humid country, and you love wearing makeup…a primer is what you need because it helps makeup to last.

Top tips:

I think that it’s really a good idea to moisturise as you normally would before using your primer
Primers are so slick now that even if you don’t wear foundation or any other kind of base you can apply a primer after your moisturiser for a more finished look, as they camouflage imperfections and harmonise skintone.
I like to apply primer with my fingers, and blend into the skin.
A word of caution: if you have sensitive skin always do a patch test as some of the ingredients that allow for that smoothing effect can cause a reaction in those with skin conditions.

I’ve chosen these five fab primers because they work for #allskintones and they provide a flawless finish.


1 Emma Hardie ‘Protect & Prime’ SPF 30- this is another lovely primer that softens imperfections, and nourishes the skin; it contains Oat Extract and Vitamin E, to help protect and guard the skin, from premature aging. This primer is special because it combines moisturiser, primer & spf 30 … everything that you could ask for in one product. £45.00 http://www.emmahardie.com
2 Clinique ‘Superprimer universal face primer’- This is a great all rounder that ticks all the boxes of being a lightweight, oil free primer that creates a good base for long lasting foundation. £20.00 from http://www.clinique.co.uk
3 Urban Decay ‘Brightening & Tightening’ complexion primer potion- This is one of those primers that can be worn over moisturiser, without having to apply foundation afterwards, which is how I use it because it makes my skin look better! £19.50 from http://www.urbandecay.co.uk/
4 Pixi ‘Flawless Beauty Primer’- this is lovely because it has a subtle shimmer, so it can be worn without foundation and is especially nice in the evening as it gives a lovely subtle shimmer to the skin. It’s got antioxidants vitamin E & A to nourish as well. £19.20 from http://www.pixibeauty.co.uk
5 Bare Minerals ‘Prime Time’ foundation primer- as you would expect this lovely Bare minerals primer is mineral based and oil free. It is particularly good for combination to oily skin types because it works to combat excess oil, and smooths the appearance of enlarged pores and fine lines. £22.00 from http://www.bareminerals.co.uk

I’d love to know if you decide to try any of these primers and how you get, on email me at hi@wowbeauty.co