Some of us have lush, full eyebrows that require minimal maintenance….and some of us don’t. I think that the one thing that we can all agree on is that well groomed eyebrows really do make a powerful impact on the way we look. As a makeup artist before I begin anyone’s makeup, I look at their face to see if their brows are doing them justice. Sometimes just shaping the brows can open a persons face up, lifting the brow area and making them look fresher.
Of course you can go to a professional and have your brows threaded, waxed or tweezed or you can look after them yourself.
Here’s my guide of tips for great eyebrows: 
* It’s helpful to fill your brows in with your brow pencil or brow powder before you start tweezing, this helps to prevent you from over plucking.
* brush your brows upwards, this allows you to see their full shape.
* your arch should be 3/4 of the way back from the bridge of your nose
* you shouldn’t tweeze the high point of your brow which is where the arch is.
* remember the saying that “your eyebrows are sisters not twins.” So don’t expect them to look exactly the same.
* if you are new to tweezing and not confident about shaping your brows, start off by using an eye pencil to draw the brow shape that you desire, it makes it easy for you to see where you need to remove excess hair: then you can tweeze the excess hairs, leaving you with your base shape. Another option is to purchase an eyebrow stencil.
* you should only tweeze below the brow, not above.
* Not everyone can have strongly arched eyebrows, it depends on the shape of your face. So if you have a longish face you don’t want too much of an arch, whereas if you have a more rounded face a higher arch will be flattering.
* If you have a low/shallow forehead, long face or wide face you should try a lower arch…..too high an arch will give you a permanently surprised look.
* once your happy with your brows, the only thing left to do is to use your brow pencil or powder to fill in any spaces.
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