What is your normal makeup look? Do you feel more confident about your looks now than when in your 20’s or 30’s?                                                                                                  

I do always wear makeup not much although I do like to give my skin a rest at least once a week. I normally wear black mascara, a little smudged eye liner in a charcoal grey and always Nars orgasm blusher, then normally just a Elizabeth Arden eight hour on my lips. I feel much more confident now in my 40’s I embrace my laughter lines and blemishes they make up the personality of my face.

 What look have you always wanted to try out?
My look is very natural. I love being outside I run, sail and bike so I like the fact that I have freckles which is why I keep to a simple makeup look: saying that I have always wanted to try dark lips or bright red lips, I think my smile is one of my best features so I loved the idea of dark lips.
What beauty products can you not live without? 
I couldn’t live without Elizabeth Arden eight hour as I do like a natural look I use it for my lips, highlighting my cheek bones and keeping my eyebrows in place, It also works wonders when one of my children have cracked lips.
How do you look after your skin? 
Again as with my makeup, my skin care routine is quite simple: I use Clarins one step cleanser and toner both morning and night. I use ‘Dior Prestige Nectar Satin Revitalisant’, then ‘Clarins hydra quench cream with SPF 15’ and finally eight hour on my lips. Once a week I will give myself a face scrub. I always try to body scrub twice a day and moisturise.
Do you have any beauty tips that you can share with us, maybe some that have been handed down to you?
My beauty tips and secrets really come down to diet and exercise, I drink at least 3 litres of water a day, always starting the day with hot water and lemon; during the winter I will drink hot water instead of cold. I try and exercise at least 3 times a week even if it’s just a 20 minutes run it gets my blood pumping! I try to eat as many fruit and vegetables as I can I love super grains quinoa, farro and spelt usually making a big batch up on a Sunday so they are ready in the fridge for lunches and suppers.
The look….
This look is all about the skin and the lips! Nicole has lovely well nourished skin which I really wanted highlight, so I started with a primer which added a subtle sheen to her skin and softened any little imperfections, next I opted for a a light luminous foundation. I skipped powder because I wanted to keep her lovely skin looking fresh and radiant.
 Here are some products that you could use to get the look…..We’d love to know if you’ve tried rocking a dark lip or maybe its your regular look so do email us: hi@wowbeauty.co
Behind the scenes….