Okay, so you’re wondering why you need this pencil, after all you’ve got lip pencils and some of you may use a lip primer…but this is something different and once you try it, you’ll wonder how on earth you managed to live without it before! I say this both as a makeup artist and a lipstick wearer.

Here’s why…

No matter what your age, or skin condition, there are times when you apply your strong coloured lipstick or lip gloss and within minutes it migrates from your lips to under your nose or onto your chin… everywhere except where you put it. It’s as if lipsticks don’t recognise boundaries…even if your lips don’t have lines around them, they are sure to have lines and ridges on them.

This pencil is waxy, but goes on clear, so works on all skintones , it’s also fragrance free.  Oh yes, it also contains Jojoba oil to moisturise, although depending on your skin type you might find that it feels dryer than you’d like, but you’ll be fine once you apply your lip stick or gloss.

I love wearing red lipstick, and this pencil means that I can apply any brand and be confident in the knowledge that after a few hours my lipstick is still in place and I don’t look like a drunken mess. It’s also proving to be great on beauty shoots, whenever I’m doing dark lips.

How to use it…

Either as a lip liner before lipstick or gloss to seal the edges of your lips.


To give your lip product extra staying power, use it over the entire lip, and then apply colour.

Although this pencil is almost the size of a Clinique chubby stick, you can also use to erase other makeup mistakes.

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