So what you’ve got grey hair? Here are some makeup tips!

Okay, first things first…grey is a colour just like any other, so whether you have grey, black, brown, red, blue, blonde or pink hair… it’s just a colour! Secondly grey hair is not always about age; think about it, lots of us start to notice our first grey hairs in our 40’s and some even earlier!

As with any other hair colour, it helps to modify your make up, so that it compliments your colouring and features.

Here are some quick tips…

Check your foundation

Grey hair can make some people look a bit washed out, so it’s helpful to review your foundation and ensure that it provides a warm tone and a suitable finish: there are numerous illuminating foundations available, with subtle light reflecting pigments.

Pay attention to your brows

Don’t forget to keep your eyebrows well shaped and groomed, so that they frame your face effectively and also pay attention to their colour in case they need filling in.

Empathise one feature

It’s always helpful to emphasise a feature, the old adage of either eyes or lips still works, and for many women a red lip looks great, and for other women it’s all about the eyes…a soft smokey eye can be stunning. You may find a brighter lip colour will work well with your hair colour, more neutral shades may make you appear washed out (but have a play and see what works for you).

Add a flush of blush

Many women who wouldn’t normally wear blusher, could wear a soft sheer blush to add a flush of colour.

Talk to your stylist

See your hairdresser to keep your hair in top condition and maintain your style.

Our model, the fabulous Bernadette looks awesome in red lipstick!


Denise x