Harvey ‘Nicks’ Evening and a Burberry Shiner


Over the years, I realise I have a sort of thing for a glimmering sheen in a bottle. It started in NY when I bought this leg gel shimmer stick from Micheal Kors. I loved that bar. It gave my chocolate legs and arms a gorgeous shimmer on those hot salubrious summers nights, dancing in my silver diamanté heels. I digress on memories.

I even managed to get accosted in a shopping mall in Miami by a guy selling a golden blush powder stick. All I have to do is see something golden on a stick and I’m sold. I really don’t know what that’s about. Again I digress.

So last year, we attended one of Harvey Nichols open evening sales events. You know the one where you can do the lucky dip for up to 50% off something. I love those events. Anyway, this guy somehow got me to look at the Burberry tinted gel in a bottle. Well you can imagine. He spoke with some hypnotic accent and he said, ‘You just have to squirt a little of this product onto your fingers and gentlely dab onto  the cheeks and voila you glow like a ‘Benin bronze’. Ok, he didn’t say that but you get the message. I bought it.

So,  I didn’t actually use it much until this summer when I decided that with my new and improved natural complexion, I would use it as a foundation, kind of all over my face and it worked a treat. When I got to work, I was asked what I did differently and told that my skin looked amazing etc. So if you want the Bronzed look for any complexion, try the Burberry tint. It’s a gorgeous look for those hot days. I really am looking forward to winter just so that I can have a winter glow  ;)

Amanda x

It’s true, this product is lovely: it comes in two shades ‘Nude radiance’ and ‘Golden radiance’ so there is a colour to suit everyone #inclusivebeauty  and this has a lovely texture, so you can strobe without worrying that your’re overdoing it.   £34.00 from Burberry.com                                                                                     

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