Hey WOW beauties!

I recently tried the very raved about NYX Liquid lipsticks. The two I bought were matte lip cream in ‘Stockholm’, which is nude pink shade and intense butter lip-gloss in ‘Tres Leches’.

The things I LOVED about NYX matte lip cream in ‘Stockholm’ is that it is very pigmented, and also very affordable. There is also a nice range of colours in the collection that can work for all skin tones. With other matte liquid lipsticks I have tried, I found that they would get very flaky during the day make my lips feel tight however this was not the case with NYX matte lip cream it was indeed creamy!

There were also a few disadvantages of this lip cream for me. Sometimes I find that it makes my lips dry, but being that its winter and my lips are drier, so I’m going to try to use a lip balm underneath. Also, like most lipsticks it fades when eating or drinking so you have to reapply which is kind of annoying. I would mostly use this on top of another lipstick for a more intense colour.

If you are looking to try out a matte lip-gloss but aren’t really sure about what one to buy and don’t really want to splash out on expensive products then I definitely recommend NYX matte lip cream.

Available from boots 

I also tried the NYX Intense Butter gloss in the shade ‘Tres Leches’, which is again a nude pink shade. I found that it was extremely shiny, moisturizing, and was also highly pigmented. However, I personally found it was a bit too sticky and realized even though the colour is ‘intense’ it doesn’t last for long and I have to keep reapplying it throughout the day. Another con is that the lip-gloss may transfer outside the lip line because of how glossy it is so you have to watch out for that and maybe use a lip primer.

Overall I do recommend the NYX Intense Butter gloss for neutral looks and if you are looking for an affordable pigmented lip-gloss, as I said the pigmentation is amazing and it comes in a great range of colors so there is something for everyone It is a good product for the price and can be used as a dupe for many high-end brand liquid lip-glosses.

Available from boots

Shadi x