I have had this Vintner’s Daughter serum for a while and I really enjoyed using it. In fact, if I’m totally honest I savour every moment spent applying it! It’s taken me a long time to write a review here’s why. This serum has achieved such cult status and I feel as though everything that could be said about it has already been said. In most instances, said very well.

It is no secret that I love facial oils. I have a couple that I’m not prepared to go without and this has become one of those. Apart from the price point, one of the reasons that I savour every moment I spend applying Vintner’s Daughter is that it’s like a three-course superfood meal for your skin. It does everything and provides everything that your skin need, unless you’ve got specific skin problems.

The Vinter’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum is a comprehensive skin treat. A moisturiser, a nourisher and treatment. It’s not an overstatement to say that this ‘Active Face Oil’ is a skincare game-changer! It’s one of the few oils that I can use in isolation without any other products. It just makes my skin look good… really good.

Interestingly, oil/serums require you to use the ‘push and press’ method. This is where you warm a few drops in your hands to activate the ingredients, then press and push it into your skin, (I was sceptical about it at first, but it is very effective) as opposed to my usual slap it on and rub it in method on a bad day, or my massaging technique on a good day.

What’s in it?

Vintner’s Daughter’s serum is composed of 22 active botanicals and essential oils. They’re focused on: brightening, balancing, nourishing, renewing, hydration and anti-inflammatory.

What’s to love?

Everything single drop!

What’s not to love?

The price of £175. Not something that everyone can afford, it’s a luxury item.

Buy Vintner’s Daughter for £175 from Cult Beauty

(*PR gift/sample)