Yvonne Wake, Wellbeing & Lifestyle Guru, has written for our website many times before and we are always so appreciative of her advice and wisdom about wellbeing and health. She’s been an inspiration to us and we wanted to share with you today information about her amazing health retreats. With Christmas coming up, perhaps this could be something you could treat a loved one (or even yourself) and book yourself a week or two of self-care.

Here we’ve gleaned some of the key elements of her health retreats, but do visit her website to find out more! The retreats are designed for all types of people and will provide the tools to continue what has been learnt once returning to those busy lives.

Here’s a description of the retreat:

“THE RETREAT is held in the most tranquil surroundings in France. The property comprises a fabulous pool with a view that we only dream of and the daily walks taken in the region are truly breath-taking. The pool is open for use at all times and is a very tranquil place to relax in the lazy afternoons.

THE RETREAT takes a holistic yet energetic approach which is designed to totally relax, heal, teach, and most of all leave one realising that life is really not all about rushing here there and everywhere! The time spent at THE RETREAT encourages everyone to just stop and yet grow in mind and spirit with lots of self-nurturing and renewal of ones thought processes.

Each day starts with a body conditioning/cardio/Pilates/Yoga class and ends with a beautiful countryside walk before the last nutritional intake of the day. The fitness output increases each day as energy levels rise and nutritional intake increases.”

What does it include:

— Massages and body treatments.

— Freshly made vegetable and fruit juices (daily), locally grown and seasonal organic food.

— Wonderful healthy recipes to take away with you.

— Meditation, long sleeps, short guided walks and lots of silent time during the day for moments of contemplation.

— Inspirational people and healthy discussions

— Natural surroundings that nurture us, and remind us that we can take better care of ourselves are ever present

— A team of therapists are always very positive, highly qualified, nurturing and supportive!

Plus much more! (Visit their website for full details)

The cost:

— £1,200 – For one week, own double room (double bed) share bathroom/WC with one other – Gite 2

— £1,350 – For one week, own double room (double bed) own bathroom – Gite 2

— £1,400 – For one week, own double room (double bed) in the main house, share bathroom/WC with one other.

— £1,550 – For one week, own double room (double bed) in the main house. Own bathroom, separate toilet, very private room with large dressing room and bathroom. (This room would also suit two people sharing – the total price for that would be £1,900).

(This price does not include flights, and a £30 surcharge is payable for transport from the French airport to the retreat. This is payable at the retreat in sterling. No other costs will apply.)

— The cost of one-hour treatments are £40 and this is payable to the therapist in UK pounds or Euros.

Find out more about the retreat