Nova with fellow panelist Malminder Gill at the Wow Beauty Wellbeing Zone event.
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Nova, this is such an exciting prospect for those who are focused on wellbeing, who is this retreat aimed at?

Thank you. The impact and power of retreats can be quite profound and long-lasting. I’ve personally benefitted from attending retreats and make them a regular fixture to maintain and improve wellness in my own life. It was after working with women in my network during day workshops, who expressed the desire for an international retreat to help them switch off and break the burnout cycle – so with the help of some excellent practitioners, we decided to host one, during the official ‘year of women’, in alluring Marrakech.

The retreat is for women who want to prioritise their self-development and self care this year. Women who want to eliminate frequent occurrences of burnout and not feeling good enough and those who simply want to invite more wellness and positivity into their lives.


Why a 3 day retreat as opposed to a day in the UK?

There are still so many unhelpful stigmas attached with self care. As women, we are phenomenal in so many areas, but we are notoriously bad at looking after ourselves.  We are excellent multi-taskers which means we are often ‘all things, to all people’ and end up at the very bottom of our to-do list; often putting everyone else’s needs at the expense of our own.

Self care and self worth are vital ingredients for self preservation, resilience, growth, positive wellbeing and enabling us to work and function at the best of our ability. With all of the demands of modern life, 24 hour access to technology, we are finding it increasingly difficulty to switch off.

An international retreat over 3 days provides the opportunity, without guilt, to completely switch off. To step outside of our usual environment, routine and in turn, distractions; which helps us to better focus intensively. Travel and new environments naturally encourage us to be more mindful and we all know that sunshine has a positive impact on our mental wellbeing. Taking part in a retreat over a longer-period of time, makes it easier and far more likely that you will be able to let go of inhibitions and fully immerse yourself and start to embody the long-term changes you want to make in your life, when you are in a focused, supportive and inspiring environment.

What would you say to those who can’t imagine what they’d benefit from this retreat ? 

If you feel you can’t commit because you are too busy, then this retreat is for you.

We often take time and money to invest in our businesses, our websites, our homes, our cars, our family, but we rarely invest in ourselves.

We teach people how to treat us by our own behaviour. When we de-prioritise ourselves, our happiness, our time and ultimately our self care, it teaches and communicates to others whether we are worthy of care. Prioritising regular self care is a mindset and a culture change. If we can’t make time and see the long-term value of investing in ourselves, how can we expect others to?

We have ensured the retreat is well-balanced with self development & creative workshops, shared experience, restorative yoga,  mindfulness, private cultural tours to awaken your senses, relaxation; such as Hammam rituals and massage as well has your own free time to relax and explore Marrakech. This is so you can make the most out of your time with us and get exactly what you need from the retreat.

We are keeping this exclusive and intimate for only 10 dedicated women, so you can get access to hands on personal time and coaching with leading Harley Street Arts Therapist Julianne Mullen & award-winning speaker, NLP Life Coach and regular mentor at Women of the World Festival London, Nova Reid, at the fraction of the cost of standalone coaching sessions. We will also be providing follow-up support for attendees to help you in making those long-term changes, all of this and more in a stunning 4* backdrop in Marrakech.


We’ll be creating a relaxing, open and supportive space to explore where you are on your life’s path and where you want to get to.  Sometimes life events, low self-esteem and lack of self-belief  impede us from achieving our goals and from daring to live to our fullest. One of the most healing aspects of working with others is the universality of experience. We are all human and are trying to find our way in the world.

What others say:

“Inspirational, thought-provoking simply incredible” 

“At the end of last year I decided I really need to invest in myself. I have invested a lot of time and energy into other people and I rarely do anything for myself, even though I work super hard. Also since becoming a freelancer I value my own time even more and often it is hard to carve out much needed “me” time that is truly impactful. I have found I need to literally get away to really switch off, so this retreat is absolutely perfect for me.”

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