Over the years whenever I have had a reflexology treatment have always promised myself that I would make it one of my regular “keep me balanced and keep me sane” treatments because is always so relaxing always left wanting more. But somehow I have never quite managed the continuity, so I was really pleased when the opportunity of reflexology treatment at the Vaishaly clinic came my way. When the day came I was actually in need of some major RnR and I couldn’t wait to get to Vaishaly’s lovely salon.

In true Vaishaly fashion I was welcomed into a calm and soothing room and my therapist Anna asked me the usual questions about my lifestyle – I tried not to scare her with the unfiltered truth and soon we got to the bit I was waiting for where she asked me to lie down on the treatment bed which I have to say was supremely comfortable especially as there was a pillow in place to support my lower back (sheer bliss) she then covered me over and dimmed the lights I felt like I was being cocooned. 

The next thing I knew lavender oil was being used to do a light massage of my feet and the legs:  the fragrance was gorgeous and the texture of the oil simply lush – I am definitely one of those people for whom ambience is vitally important.

Vaishaly’s Clinic

Some facts about Reflexology

Reflexology has been around for hundreds if not thousands of years… we’re talking the ancient Egyptians and Chinese here! 

Basically it involves the reflexologist applying pressure to specific points on the body based on the concept that there are corresponding zones on our feet below aligned with parts of our bodies symbols so, for example, most of the times ahead with ecology my sinuses and digestive issues have been picked up and this ties in with the fact that those areas are tender when touched. Reflexology can help enhance the natural healing mechanisms of your body by stimulating more than 7,000 nerve endings in one session.

Some benefits 

  1. It is meant to help improve nerve function which apparently decreases with every passing year. Reflexology can help to improve functionality as it stimulates various reflex areas. 
  2. It is meant to help increase circulation through the body of blood and oxygen, opening up blockages in your system.
  3. Energy boost- reflexology works with the energy system by working out and releasing blockages through the zones and meridian lines and facilitating improved energy flow, so that the body can then repair itself.
  4. Relaxation. It can reduce endorphins as well as reducing stress hormones.  The sense of relaxation is enhanced through the use of essential oils.

I don’t know where the time went, all that I can tell you is that I was lost in a world of total relaxation, I was so relaxed that I actually heard my self do a sort of  snoring/snorting noise ( I don’t think that Anna laughed ) and I really didn’t want to leave that glorious space! When I was finally able to get my head together, Anna told me that she’d found some sinus congestion …( well let’s not even talk about me and my sinuses, but I did say that I snorted didn’t I ?)

Verdict: more please :)

Denise x

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