Meet the gorgeous Olga and Imani! We were lucky enough to persuade them to model for us and I asked them to share some family beauty tips and this is what they said..

Olga: “Always oil your body and your face! This is the only beauty tip I got from my mum. I always did it religiously and could not miss a spot…I still do! As a child I wondered why it was so important…But when I hear someone say “what a beautiful skin you have, so smooth and silky”.. I have my answer.”

Imani: “My mom taught me how to choose the right eyeshadow to go with my favourite outfits and skin tone. My mom always tells me not to let other people tell me how to dress. Thanks to her I am confident to wear whatever makes me feel happy and comfortable.”

Olga is wearing red lipstick –

Imani is wearing a sheer red lip stain –