Welcome to a brand new My Beauty Journey feature! ‘My Beauty Journey’ is about people empowering each other to ‘own their beauty’ by sharing their journey to self-acceptance, empowerment and ultimately, self-love. Meet Eloise Skinner, an author, therapist and commercial model working across London.

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I’ve always wished I was a little taller – working in the modelling industry, I’m a couple of inches too small to do traditional runway work. I used to measure my height pretty frequently when I was younger, hoping I’d have a late-onset growth spurt! But I’ve managed to find a career in the industry in other sectors, and have come to terms with my height.

How Her Self-Image Has Changed Over the Years

I think my teenage years (like many of us) were really focused on comparing myself to others – friends, celebrities, etc. – and these were the years before social media! I can only imagine how much harder it is for teenagers these days. It’s difficult to form your own sense of identity and self-worth when you’re constantly exposed to the expectations and standards of others.

In my 20s and 30s, I started to really define my own identity. I had a determined sense that I was just going to do my own thing, and not necessarily fit myself into any category. It’s been a challenging journey (and my career / life has ended up looking a little unexpected!), but ultimately fulfilling

What Has Triggered Her Journey to Self-Acceptance

I think getting older, and realising: you only really have so long to explore your life, and time passes so quickly. I think it’s been a feeling of not wanting to waste time comparing my life to others, and wanting instead to build something that feels meaningful to me.

On Managing Moments of Self-Doubt

One of the most helpful things for me is to look forward, to my goals and ambitions for the future. I feel most excited and engaged when I’m working towards something that feels important and interesting, so I try to take (even small!) practical steps towards a goal.

Advice For Her Younger Self

I think I’d say: instead of worrying so much about how things will turn out, focus on the next step in front of you. If you can channel all your energy and drive into making something happen, you’ll feel much more secure and stable about your future. And for teenage girls these days, I’d say: focus on building your own identity, figuring out who you are and moving towards the things you’re passionate about. It’s your life, after all, so focus less on what others are doing, and more on what you want to create for yourself (easier said than done, of course!).

Eloise Skinner is an author, therapist and commercial model working across London. Website: www.eloiseskinner.com, Instagram: www.instagram.com/eloiseallexia