The things I’ve struggled with my body with has always been my curves. Today, I appreciate them but there was a time when I was growing up that everyone was dead slim and I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t like that. I felt like I didn’t look nice, I wasn’t on trend and my friends looked different to me. It wasn’t until meeting my partner that I realised being myself and feeling beautiful within really started to come out. Until then, I think restricted myself and tried to conform to what others expected of me.

My self-image has changed over the years, I’ve always loved glamour and kept that part under wraps until I got to my late 20s and early 30s and now fully embrace it. I’m the happiest now than I’ve ever been.

From fashion to beauty, I’m reinventing myself by embracing my curves and the small areas of baby fat left over from three pregnancies. I don’t go out to exercise as such but have a fast-paced job requiring a lot of lifting kits, travelling with it. But I do yoga and meditation to keep me sane and calm, and in time the real me has come out.

There have been many moments that have triggered my journey to self-acceptance, but the biggest moment has been my children.

After suffering 3 miscarriages between my children, giving birth to two children prematurely and losing our second son at 8 months old, I feel we’ve been through the worst, but every single moment has taught me a lesson. A lesson to live my life in the present, never dwell on the past and just go out and build a future.

It was after my miscarriages that I discovered makeup and just went ahead and trained as a makeup artist. So my makeup journey happened as a result of wanting to find a hobby that made me happy. From there the makeup journey grew, my family grew and it was when we had a lot of life-changing moments.

I’m grateful for every lesson it gave me, and I’m also grateful for discovering myself as a makeup artist and beauty writer. All of this, in turn, has given me something to grow as a person and learn to love myself truly in My Beauty Journey.

When I have lapses in confidence, I always think back at the worse times in life, and where we are doing. I’m so grateful for what I have today. I always remind myself how lucky I am to be a mother of three, rather than a mother of no children. I’ve always wanted a career and an amazing family and husband. With their help, I manage both.

I’d tell my younger self, you will get through it KSAVI, you just don’t realise how strong you really are.

I’d also tell myself, your body has a funny way of healing itself and you will end up having 3 children. Accept your bodies limits and focus on fixing or helping your body to strengthen in any way.

And start to be your glamorous self now! You’re missing out on so much fun!