Vaishaly, please share your morning wellbeing regime with us.

I wash my face with Vaishaly Face wash which is really refreshing and invigorating to the skin, as it contains citrus essential oils. It leaves my skin feeling clean, fresh and glowing. I then spend a bit of time massaging my Vaishaly Moisturiser with an SPF into skin.

What are the 3 things that you need in your daily life for you to ‘be your best you’?

Being happy, calm and stress free.

What are your favourite beauty, makeup or wellbeing products and why?

I love the NYX HD foundation, Bobbie Brown cream blush and YSL Faux mascara. They all give a natural look and flawless skin and help me feel confident and ready for the day ahead.

As a multitasking career woman and businesswoman, how do you manage stress/relax?

I see my Buddhist teacher and mentor Dr. Tran, religiously once a month who gives me Acupuncture and mentally, emotionally and physically gets me cantered.

What is the biggest risk that you’ve ever taken that has paid off?

Opening my clinic in Paddington Street. Marylebone wasn’t what it is today back then; and I’m very proud to say 16 years on and it’s going from strength to strength. We’ve even expanded and opened Vaishaly Cupcake Nails which is so exciting.

Who inspires you and why?

My Buddhist teacher Dr.Tran. Through him I have learnt to detach, accept, and be happy. That no matter what life throws at you, it’s all going to be okay.

The word ‘Resilience’ is often used when describing the qualities of female achievers in all spheres: How does the word resilience manifest in your story Or in your journey thus far?

I’ve always had a strong vision and belief in what I want to create and achieve in my business, but it can be tough sometimes. Things always take longer than planned and at times take unexpected turns, but I’ve never given up and have an inner strength and core conviction in what I’m doing. You have to be strong and resilient to changes and challenges and adapt and keep moving forward. I’m very proud of what I’ve created and grateful for my amazing team of therapists and staff who share my values.

Wow Beauty is on a mission to remind womankind to take a ‘Wholistic’ view of beauty: mind, body and spirit. Inner beauty = outer beauty. How much credence do you give to this concept?

Everything that is going on in our body and mind will always be reflected on our outer self. All stresses and emotions will manifest into medical problems and issues. This all starts with the state of one’s mind. So, learning to take time out even for just 10 minutes a day will make a huge difference to your entire mind/body. Hence making a huge difference to outer beauty.

What makes you laugh out loud?

My little boy. He never fails to make me smile and laugh. He brings so much joy into my life.

You’ve been in the beauty business for over 20 years: in an ever-changing beauty landscape how important is it for you to communicate your brand message 

Well the unspoken brand message has always been for our clients to feel assured that we at Vaishaly “know skin”, so It’s always been important to communicate this to our clients so they are clear on what is the best for them and their skin, to know how to manage their skin throughout the year, through all climates and through biological changes in the body.

Based on where you are in your life now, what words of wisdom would you share with your younger self?

Well what would I say to myself… the faith and belief you had in yourself to create a much loved and respected skincare brand and Clinic, to address a growing need was well founded and admirable.

Do you think that how women define their beauty is changing to a more individual approach or are we still being dictated to by society at large? 

There has always been ‘streaks’ of individualism but in the past it has been dictated by the fashion and beauty industry to a large extent.  As people are consuming more ‘ideas’ from their Instagram and Snapchat feeds from a multitude of channels, this is certainly changing the world.

Do you think that social media has helped to push the cause for greater inclusiveness in the beauty industry? 

It has certainly helped and will only continue to increase as we move forward. The industry and its glamour hasn’t reflected more than a certain version of beauty so It’s wonderful that the industry is being challenged in this way, where people are putting it out there via social media and connecting with their audience and the general public.

Where is your favourite place in the world?

I absolutely adore the Maldives.

Thank you



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