Scent is a wonderful thing and can evoke so many memories and sensations. Here are TriedTestedLoved’s musings on the different ways perfume can affect you and what makes a ‘dream’ fragrance.

People wear perfume for many different reasons. Some people just want to smell divine, others want to be noticed and leave a trail of scent in their wake and there are those who are simply obsessed with scent. Fortunately for the fragrance industry, there are many consumers who are on a mission to find their dream perfume, the smell that defines you, announces your arrival and fits in with your personality.

There are several schools of thought on this issue. Finding the perfume of your life can be like finding your dream home, partner or job – something many will aspire to. You can find love at first sight with this fragrance, have an instantaneous and joyful encounter, or you can worship your ideal perfume from afar, getting to know it over time and building up to an enduring and powerful love affair.

We have to talk in romantic terms, because of course, appreciating fragrance and scent involves all our senses and is hedonic, i.e. about how much we like it, as opposed to rational.

Alternatively, you might be more promiscuous in your approach, courting the attention of many attractive potions at the same time. This means you are always in love as it were, but with different perfumes for different occasions.

This is what makes it all so much fun. In fact, the concept of a fragrance wardrobe is suitable for the dilettante fragrance lover. You have a collection of perfumes that you dip into, according to your mood just as you would for clothes or shoes.

Either way, you will always have favourite perfumes and these ones fall into the category of dream fragrance.

I feel dream perfumes have to evoke a strong reaction – perhaps you feel much happier, smarter or more beautiful when you wear it. Maybe it uplifts your mood or reminds you of a wonderful experience, a holiday or a honeymoon. For this to be truly special, the smell will have major an effect on you, and maybe on others around you.

Of course, there are no real rules about how you should feel about any fragrance, but you know your dream fragrance when it comes around. There is no doubt. Sometimes, a perfume will work so well with your own personal chemistry that other people will comment on how wonderful you smell, and that could be your dream fragrance, even if you don’t realise it yourself.

It’s perfectly acceptable for your dream fragrance to be the same as someone else’s – as we all know, the same perfume can smell totally different on another person, which is one of the things which makes fragrance so magical.

I’m still searching for the perfume of my life, I am blatantly unfaithful to the many bottles I already have, but I am definitely enjoying the journey and hope it takes forever.  How about you?

Post by TriedTestedLoved