If you love fragrance then here’s a fab piece from TriedTestedLoved about layering scents and the differences in the grades of perfume. 

Some perfumes are so delicious that you literally want to drench yourself in them, and in fact some people do.

We may feel that after a while our fragrance has disappeared and we can’t smell it ourselves, so we keep spraying more. And then everyone around you faints!

How long a scent will last on your skin depends on many factors – yes the construction of the notes will make a huge difference, heavy, rich base notes will last longer than light, airy top notes, but personal chemistry plays a part too.

There are obviously different grades of perfume – the pure oil, parfum or extrait is potent and extremely expensive. Eau de parfum is a more affordable option, where this pure oil is diluted with ethanol/ alcohol.

Eau de parfum is approximately 20- 40% parfum oil in alcohol although this range can vary wildly.

Eau de toilette is diluted even further and will contain between 10- 20% parfum oil in alcohol, rarely more.

So of course, the more concentrated the perfume, the longer it should last. If you can afford the extrait you may find that less is more. However, these rarely come in a spray format – they are oils so should be dabbed on where required.

Eau de parfum is usually quite strong but long lastingness is very subjective and depends on the wearer or the smeller.

To keep fragrance wafting around all day, why not mix it up? Niche and luxury brands now make amazing fragranced body products that are seriously indulgent and pampering. Yes they cost 10x times more than your Nivea (nothing wrong with Nivea!!)  but if you love the scent, then there’s no issue. Even the mass brands are getting in on the act, and why not?

There is a genuine benefit to fragrance layering – it is not just a great marketing gimmick. The oils in a cream or lotion create a good base, absorbing the perfume to create another layer of fragrance on your skin.

The actual fragrance for a body product will have a different construction to the extract. The perfumers will design it to smell at its best in a cream, lotion or oil formulation. However, the end result should smell like a veil of your favourite perfume, close to your skin so it will be very familiar.

If you then complete the layering process by spraying your actual eau de parfum, the glorious notes will float around you all day.

Now, let’s be clear. This is a fabulous way for companies to make extra money out of us, without a doubt.

At Christmas of course many gift sets start to appear and these often contain a luxury body oil/ lotion or cream.

This is the time to stock up on your favourite range (and of course to buy for others).

These perfumed body products are something people don’t normally buy for themselves, so could be a cheaper alternative to a perfume, if you’re stuck for a gift. Plus they are versatile, can be used on their own or with your signature scent or another one. Body care is all part of Self-care and so this is an easy way to spread a bit of fragrant luxury.

So as it gets colder, bring on the layers and let the good smells roll.