Here’s a great piece from TriedTestedLoved about the luxe fragrance range Pozzo di Borgo. 

We have recently discovered a super luxury fragrance range called Pozzo di Borgo that needs to be discussed.

Firstly, it is a family run brand, their heritage includes Corsica, Russia and France, but most importantly, the perfumes are truly gorgeous.  Really successful niche brands always have a wonderful history behind them and Pozzo di Borgo is no exception.

Their founder, Valentine has perfume running through her veins. Her grandfather was the founder a fragrance company that is now the largest in the world, which employs and develops perfumers behind the bestselling fragrances – too many to list here. Givaudan is a fragrance company that creates and supplies the perfume that you find in your designer bottle. Some brands like Chanel, or Guerlain have in-house perfumers, but the juice in all other perfumes, mass or niche, is actually created from these very secretive flavours and fragrance companies. That is a whole other story.

Valentine Pozzo di Borgo, has amazing connections with the industry and decided to work with selected perfumers or noses to create fragrances inspired by family members – past and present— which is an unusual twist and very unique.

Pozzo di Borgo perfumes have dates as their name. And each date is associated with a person in Valentine’s family. Genius. The fragrances range starts with 8 Mars 1764, in homage to their ancestor Carlo Pozzo di Borgo, then through the 1950s and 1980s too. In an article I found about the brand, it seems Valentine is looking to add to the range and include more family members too. Let’s hope they all stay in her good books.

“Each date is associated with a person in Valentine’s family. Genius.”

Of course, these scents are full of character and therefore any review is totally subjective.

My personal favourite is 19 Mai 1957 because it is unlike most things I’ve come across, fresh, herbal and tobacco-like – even if there is no tobacco in the description. I don’t always like to associate fragrance with a time of day, but this one is definitely an evening one, or at least for special occasions.

24 Octobre 1985 is lighter, radiant and green, reminds me of the 80s and very fresh  for the daytime. Very wearable but surprisingly tenacious.

All the perfumes are carefully constructed with genuine and luxurious raw materials. I can confidently say this as I’ve found them be long lasting and evolve on my skin in a way only “proper” perfumes can.

“I’ve found them be long lasting and evolve on my skin in a way only “proper” perfumes can.”

Some of them smell familiar at first but develop in ways I didn’t expect. But each one comes with a full description of the notes and its character, so I leave it up to you to discover for yourself.

It is refreshing to come across a brand with a real point of difference – a lot of the marketing is beautiful and sophisticated but in my opinion the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Perfume lovers should find something here to ponder on.

Buy the perfumes from Pozzo di Borgo’s website