Beauties, we originally featured this post in 2016 and since then, we’ve seen a huge development in the conversation around wellbeing, mindfulness and self-care. People are making their own wellbeing a much bigger priority and meditation is a really fantastic way to give yourself some ‘Me Time’ and having that ‘Mindful Moment’ time.

Today is World Meditation Day, so we thought we’d revisit our post from this day with a fresh new look… because the points made in this post are definitely still relevant today, perhaps now more than ever. So here are 10 things you should know about Meditation!

I guess it would be pretty hard to find anyone who is interested in wellbeing who hasn’t heard about meditation and how beneficial it can be BUT the thing is, that it’s often unclear what the actual potential benefits are beyond the usual explanations of being more relaxed and having a clearer mind. Sometimes the only way to find out is to ask an expert, so I caught up with meditation expert Rajesh Ananda and asked him to tell me 10 things about meditation that he thinks we should all know.

Here goes…

  1. It’s fabulously relaxing: Once the mind relaxes the body follows suit. Relaxation also allows us access to the deeper aspect of ourselves and this is where self-discovery begins. Your blood pressure, if elevated, is guaranteed to lower in a relatively short time. Feeling relaxed in any situation is something to look forward to and experience as you continue meditating.
  2. It’s not a religious practice: If you have religious beliefs, meditating will not affect them but will help you understand them more profoundly. That said, a religious belief is not necessary – just the desire to discover more about yourself.
  3. It regulates the autonomic nervous system: commonly called” fight or flight”. As we are relaxed we act instead of reacting to challenging situations.
  4. It regulates the emotions: Our emotions are also refined during this process, so we are less emotional and thereby, in control of them. Therefore, mood swings iron out and we keep on an even keel, rather than on a rollercoaster.
  5. It allows us to be more objective about ourselves: One great benefit of profound relaxation is that we have greater awareness or mindfulness. We can even be objective to our own emotions and actions. It’s like having a new super-sight and with this comes greater perception.
  6. It helps us to have greater self-esteem and confidence: Strength is actually an inner quality of the deeper layers of the mind – so it is already within us – it just needs discovering. Once you go beyond the surface levels of the mind, you automatically come into contact with this strength and can connect with it with greater ease. So, you become stronger – and when you feel stronger, you can accomplish anything!
  7. It stops mind chatter: Thought is more powerful and faster than light but that said, it can revolve around our minds very annoyingly. It’s like a wheel that we cannot get off of. When our emotions are heightened, the chatter is intensified – and the wheel speeds up! However, when you are more relaxed the chatter also diminishes and then our intuitive faculties arise. You won’t need a crystal ball!
  8. It gives us more energy: We use 8 times more energy mentally than physically, so when there is less mind chatter, we have more energy. After a few weeks of meditation, you’ll notice that you have more energy and need less sleep than usual. Therefore, you can do so much more in your life. FISU Meditation practised correctly for 20 minutes is worth 8 hours sleep. Albeit, you cannot do without the sleep it is like a boost of 8-hours additional energy in your day.
  9. It improves our health and well-being: There are two things that can directly affect our health and well-being – relaxation and happiness. Stress is a precursor to health deterioration and disease – and happiness is a great healer. More science has proved that happiness can help maintain good health.
  10. It opens our hearts so we become more loving: Beyond the mind is the area of the spiritual heart that is unfolded through meditation. For most people, this connection is weak but when you meditate it gets stronger and you can love with greater ease. This allows a warmer relationship with those around us.

Rajesh Ananda is the founder of FISU meditation. He says that whether you are a meditation novice or committed disciple, FISU meditation can provide the tools to help you on your journey of self-discovery. For more information visit:

As always I’d love to hear from you about your experiences with meditation and any thoughts that you have about this post.

Denise 💋