I just love it when a vision comes together… our wellbeing zone event took place on the last Wednesday of January which it just so happens was the night of a lunar eclipse and full moon.
According to astrology (for those of you who are into it) an eclipse is often seen as a time of change and lunar eclipses are about internal changes.
So it seemed like the universe was supporting our evening of wellbeing and enablement.
I really wanted to create an event where for just a few hours we could talk, listen and share insights from well-being experts as well as our own experiences, a warm supportive space where everyone felt comfortable and welcome…and I do believe that’s  what happened.
We are surrounded by the words wellbeing, wellness and self care at the moment and that’s a great thing, but sometimes with so much advice and so many different opinions coming from so many ‘experts’ its easy to get lost or confused.
Our panel of phenomenal wellbeing experts were generous with their insights and easy to use tips for self care Michelle Roques O’Neil, Nova Reid and Malminder Gill.


The Wellbeing Zones

The Breakaway Sessions

Our breakaway sessions allowed for intimate conversations and group discussions as well as for trialling wellbeing products that could just be the addition that each of us need to make an improvement to our wellbeing.


Britt arrived with her superfoods and people got a chance to try them!

Louis from Therapie Roques O’Neil was also at the event demonstrating the wonderful products to our guests.

Facial Massage… A.K.A Facial Workout Time! 

The facial massages offered by Evelyn were very popular too.

And of course we cannot forget to give a huge shout out to all of the amazing brands that contributed to our amazing goody bag! Thank you so much for all of the support.