Beauties… Christmas is nearly upon us and if you’re like me you’re still looking for those perfect gifts. So why not gift the gift of wellbeing? Tools that your loved ones can utilise to optimise their self-care – a little indulgence! Here are some that we personally love and are just great tools that everyone should have in their wellbeing toolkit.

Vanderohe Body Serum

This is no ordinary body oil – it is more of a body elixir, a blend of body oil and body serum. This sinks into the skin with such ease-one minute it’s there and then voilà- it’s disappeared and you’re left with silky soft, scented skin. Seriously this formulation leaves my skin feeling moist, nourished and just lush after application. I’d imagined that this oil would smell the same as the face oil but it doesn’t this oil is her own person – definite and independent. The scent is subtle and yet memorable and consist of oils like Neroli, Lavender, Vetiver and Lime and lastly, of course, I love the fact that like its older sibling this works on a mind, body and spirit level.

Spacemasks Self-heating eye masks

The perfect way to relieve tired eyes after a long day. These self-heating eye masks are a beautiful part of a self-care ritual – just apply to eyes and lie back and relax and feel the tension slipping away. Interstellar Relaxation!

Aromatherapy Associates Renewing Rose Body Oil

I’ve used this Renewing Rose Body Oil  from Aromatherapy Associates for many years and it never fails to soothe and smooth! This is one of those products that I always have in my wellbeing toolkit because it works on every level; the rose scent is subtly addictive, the oil is rich and silky and disappears seamlessly into the skin leaving it soft and nourished.

Therapie Roques O’Neil Aura Spray

Michelle’s Aura Mist is always one that we as a team reach for to keep us grounded and focused. Just a couple of sprays of this gorgeous mist helped to calm and soothe us due to the blend of frankincense and lavender amongst other things. It never fails!

Kiss the Moon DREAM Bath Salts

There is something very therapeutic about taking a long, soothing bath, in salts and it’s even more powerful when the salts are so divinely scented that they have a transformative affect on your mood.

Now of course there are salts and there are SALTS and these ‘Dream Bedtime Bath Salts’ from one of our favourite sleep brands ‘Kiss The Moon’ are serious SALTS.

Tisserand Better Sleep Pillow Mist

The road to better wellbeing often starts with sleep. So many people have less sleep than they should due to various reasons, so finding things that help you get that perfect night of zz’s are, well, essential really. This mist from Tisserand is divine, a beautiful blend of 100% pure essential oils including Lavender, warm Sandalwood & calming Jasmine.

 Urban Apothecary Velvet Peony Candle

You can’t help but find yourself drawn to the scent of this. It’s absolutely stunning – with sleek, elegant packaging to match.

Prismologie Massage Candle with Oud

This is a real treat – as it’s not only a gorgeous scented candle but it also transforms into a massage oil! A two-in-one experience and the oil is beautifully moisturising with a stunning scent.

Vanderohe’s Body Serum is £108 from Vanderohe
Spacemasks Self-heating eye masks are £15 from Feel Unique
Aromatherapy Associates Renewing Rose Body Oil is £47 from Aromatherapy Associates
Buy Therapie Roque’s O’Neil’s Aura Mist for £32 from Michelle’s website Get 10% discount using the code WOW10 on Therapie Roques O’Neil products!
Buy the DREAM Bath Salts for £20 from Kiss the Moon 
Use the code WOWKISS for 15% off all products from the Kiss the Moon Website
Tisserand’s Sleep Better Pillow Mist is £8.95 from Tisserand 
Urban Apothecary London’s Velvet Peony Candle is £30 from Feel Unique
Prismologie’s Oud Candle is £60 from Wolf & Badger

(*PR gift/sample)