Bathing is one of the unsung heroes of stress relief in my opinion but you don’t have to take my word for it you just need to try it for yourself. Your bathroom can become your own private sanctuary, place where you can let go of the stresses of the day and go inwards….at least for a little while. It’s the perfect space to find some calm, healing and comfort which is something that we all need from time to time.

There are some of us who create a ritual out of the evening bath, gathering candles incense scented oils and various other bath potions all with the purpose of reconnecting with ourselves….soaking in the bath is the ideal time to tune in to yourself, you can meditate, read, listen to music or just be.

Lie back & enjoy the Relaxing heat

Have you noticed how relaxed you feel after a soak in a hot or at least very warm bath, suddenly all your aches and pains have disappeared especially those that you have in your lower back neck and shoulders plus there is the added benefit of the steam that’s created which is perfect for cleansing your skin.

What’s your bath style? Or What’s in your bath cocktail?

So first of all ….what are you soaking in? Are you into beautifully scented bath oils or bath salts? Or maybe you like therapeutic healing salts like Epsom or dead sea salts.  it’s also lovely to incorporate the healing power of aromatherapy as it can create different moods such as calm and help to remedy different emotional states such as stress or anxiety. Let’s not forget that our skin is in fact our body’s largest organ and is able to absorb ingredients….so soaking in an aromatherapy bath product or healing salts does deliver tangible results.

  • Therapie Roques O’Neil ‘Himalayan Detox Bath Salts’ – these potent salts from vibrational aromatherapist Michelle are known for their ability to release, harmonise and restore.
  • Soapsmith Camden Bath Soak – this brand offer 3 different fragrances formulations to suit every mood and each range is named after a part of London, plus they have lush matching soap and body lotions too.
  • Aromatherapy Associates bath oil – every bath oil from this well-respected aromatherapy brand is a winner! They are all potent blends and each is designed for a specific purpose, so whether you need to de-stress, deep relax or revive, there’s a choice for you.
  • Olverum bath oil – is a unique blend of plant and essential oils including lemon, eucalyptus, lavender, lime and geranium…this lush smelling oil is guaranteed to soothe and restore and has been doing so since the 1930’s.
body scrubs

If you like to get busy beautifying in the bath then you’ll love the scrubs that we talk about below. Now there is no right or wrong way to exfoliate – you can take the time to scrub before getting in the bath or after a lovely long soak: if you do it after a long soak, your skin will be ready to get rid of dead cells and an exfoliating mitt or loofah is perfect for this.

  • Malee Conditioning Body Scrubthis lush Malee Verdure conditioning body scrub utilizes salt and sugar supported by a luxurious mix of nourishing oils including wheat germ, sweet almond and avocado blended with other potent nourishers like Shea butter. This unique scrub leaves your skin so silky, smooth and nourished ….and oh yes lets not forget the earthy fragrance which is a mix of patchouli, mint and citrus is not only grounding but also strangely addictive…
  • Anatome Rejuvenating Himalayan Salt Body Scrub – this body scrub utilizes Himalayan salts and sugar blended with shea butter, castor oil and with lemongrass, orange and ginger which means that it not only treats your senses, but your skin too, leaving it super conditioned.
  • Skin Alchemists Chocolate Cove Nourishing Body Exfoliate This luxurious jar of yummy will leave your skin so super soft, silky and moisturised that you may not need to apply a moisturiser afterwards and let’s not forget the exotic fragrance with hints of spices like cinnamon and nutmeg you’ll be transported.
  • Body Hut Coffee and Oat Body PolishThis scrub is a food lovers delight! With its gorgeous aromas of coffee and orange, this coffee, oat, salicylic acid and essential oil-based skin-smoothing treatment buffs your skin to silky smooth perfection!
  • Boots Natural Ramie Exfoliating Mittthe perfect natural tool that will help to wash your body and remove dry skin, leaving your skin softer and smoother.

Of course a bath or shower is about more than just soaking and luxuriating ….we have to cleanse our bodies as well. Fortunately over the last couple of years we’ve been spoilt for choice with a wonderful array of cleansing bars and shower gels that nourish and feed our skin. Here are some of our faves:


  • Kahina Moroccan Beldi soap– As with everything Kahina, this unique liquid soap is based on the traditions of Morocco…this being from the Moroccan hammams.
  • Skin Alchemists Cleansing Barsoffers an impressive range of cleansing bars jam packed with skin conditioning ingredients.
  • Okiki Cleansing BarsThis brand Okiki Skincare caught my eye because they offer a wide range of soap bars each quite unique: they also caught my eye because they are a mother and daughter business…and I have a soft spot for female-owned beauty businesses.

Body Wash 

body washes
  • Guava and Gold Bath and Shower Geloffer a range of body washes that will not only cleanse your skin but will also transport you to somewhere tropical.
  • Daughter of the Soil Baobab & Rooibos Body WashIncorporates Baobab oil from the famous African ‘Tree of Life’ with a proven ability to improve skin elasticity & has a lovely uplifting fragrance.
  • Saint Iris Adriatica Energe CleanseFirst of all let me tell you that this appeals on a multisensory level; love the gorgeous green colour of the packaging which is instantly uplifting then there’s the fragrance which is unique as well as uplifting – love it.

Of course no bathing ritual would be complete without the final step of massaging a cream, lotion or oil into your skin…doing this while your skin is still damp helps to seal the moisture in. This is the ideal time to practice some self care in the form of massage…take it slow and enjoy the feel of your oil or lotion on your skin.

And Finally, Nourish your skin with these ….


  • Malee Conditioning Body Lotion- This smells amazing! This moisturising body cream nourishes and soothes while repairing your skin, non-greasy and doesn’t leave the skin with a white cast… beautiful.
  • Guava and gold Coco & Cherimoya Body LotionThis lotion is moisturising enough for normal to dry skin thanks to the inclusion of deeply hydrating shea butter, vitamin E, grapeseed and avocado oils. It leaves your skin feeling moisturised and nicely scented without any sticky residue.
  • Inner senses vitality body oil – It was love at first smell! As soon as I pumped a few drops onto my hands, inhaled and massaged it in I was addicted. A gorgeous high quality oil.
  • Sofia Latif body oilThis gorgeous elixir beautifully nourishes the skin with a cocktail of wonderful ingredients including vit c rich marula oil, collagen-stimulating tamanu seed oil, lightweight Squalane oil and more to leave you with beautifully soft skin.

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