Beauties, this week is World Wellbeing Week, so we thought we’d dive into our lovely shop and curate a selection for you and your wellbeing this week for your own wellbeing toolkit… aids to help you manage your own wellbeing. We’re also excited to share that for this week only, all products on this list are 10% off, so grab yours by Sunday to take advantage of this fabulous offer.

Queen… You’ve Got This Notebook

I’ve been a believer in the power of positive statements for as long as I can remember…I think that my initial passion was ignited by the groundbreaking writers like Shakti Gawain, Louise Hay and Deepak Chopra. Their writings are powerful reminders that we have so much power within ourselves to transform and heal.

In this notebook, you’ll find a collection of 8 pages of affirmations that I hope will ground, uplift and motivate you… particularly now. You’ll love it.

Buy the notebook for £7.20 from the Wow Beauty Shop (RRP £8) 10% off offer expires 28th June

Skin Alchemists – Humble Warrior

This oil is all about the ritual and is perfect for indulging in some mindful cleansing, you know the kind where you spend time warming at all in the palm of your hand, applying it to your face and indulging in some gentle facial massage as you work the oil into your skin, benefiting from its gorgeous aroma. This is a beautiful cleansing oil that is perfect for some ‘Me Time’.

Buy the full sized Humble Warrior for £27 from the Wow Beauty Shop (RRP £30) 10% off offer expires 28th June

Casa Mencarelli – Crema di Pomodoro – Nourishing Night Cream & Cleanser

This lovely cleansing balm and night cream has an olive oil base. It has a very gentle scent to it and feels lovely on the skin. It feels great when used as a cleanser to get rid of the dirt on your skin, but it also works as a really good moisturising night cream when applied as a slightly thicker layer.

It feels very luxurious and spa-like.

Buy the Night cream for £40.50 from the Wow Beauty shop (RRP £45) 10% off Offer expires 28th June

Inner Senses – 7 WONDERS Skin Panacea Face and Body Oil

It’s rare to find an oil that can be used for face and body that works equally well on both… this is one of those. This is a gorgeous oil that includes nourishing CQ10, Apricot Kernel Oil, Natural Vitamin E and more. This supremely nourishing oil is rich in Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids, as well as Chia Seed oil, Black seed oil which contains vitamins and minerals that are valuable in skincare and facilitate skin recovery and repair.

This oil is great for the face and really gives the body an intensely nourishing treat.

Buy the body oil for £30.20 from the Wow Beauty shop (RRP £34) 10% off offer expires 28th June

Naya – Every Day Face Oil

Connect with your skin as you massage in this beautiful face oil from Naya.

Face oils are one of my favourite skincare ingredients because it really feels like a luxurious experience, particularly when you find a really nicely scented, lovely feeling oil like this one from Naya. Like you do with your cleansing oils, take a moment to practice some facial massage as you apply this product and don’t forget to breathe!

Naturally fragranced with a calming blend of Patchouli, Orange, Lemon and Juniper Berry, this facial oil strengthens the skin’s barrier and soothes dull and uneven skin to reveal its natural glow.

Buy the face oil for £36 from the Wow Beauty shop (RRP £40) 10% off offer expires 28th June

The Afro Hair and Skin Co Clay Recovery Mask

There’s something about a clay mask… as it removes impurities from the skin, I like to imagine it’s also taking away negative energy too.

This clay mask from The Afro Hair and Skin Co is one that you can mix up yourself, so it’s a great tool to give you that mindful skincare ritual – take some time to mix together your mask, then sit back and relax and let the mask do its magic.  This mask is deeply cleansing, gently detoxing and exfoliates the skin revealing renewed, healthy skin below.

Buy the clay mask for £16.20 from the Wow Beauty Shop (RRP £18) 10% off offer expires 28th June

Saint Iris Adriatica – Energy Cleanse

The brand was created for time-stressed people with a passion for wellbeing, Saint Iris Adriatica is inspired by the abundant plants, remedies and sea spas of the sun-drenched Adriatic and that’s certainly something that comes to mind when I’m using their products.

This invigorating body wash from Saint Iris Adriatica is uplifting and powerful. It appeals on a multisensory level; love the gorgeous green colour of the packaging which is instantly uplifting then there’s the fragrance which is unique as well as uplifting – love it.

Buy the energy cleanse for £26.10 from the Wow Beauty shop (RRP £29) 10% off offer expires 28th June

Daughter of the Soil – Baobab & Rooibos Body Lotion

This body lotion is ultra-silky and delicate that intensely nourishes and moisturises the body, restoring the skin’s natural radiance. It has a lovely scent will leave your skin supple and soft!

Buy the body lotion for £16.20 (RRP £18) 10% off offer expires 28th June

Love Absolute – Blue Moon Cleansing Bar

This lovely bright blue cleanser from Love Absolute will help restore the skins natural vibrancy after the effects of city pollution and fumes by its deep cleansing and calming actions from Fine Sea Clay and Butterfly Pea antioxidant.

It also features Elderberry Seed Oil which is extra nourishing and repairing for dry skin conditions as well as to help moisturise normal skin. It’s a gorgeous facial cleanser that leave the skin feeling soft… this also has a beautiful scent that will calm your skin and your mind.

 Buy the cleansing bar for £17.10 (RRP £19) 10% off offer expires 28th June

Kiss the Moon – Dream Candle

Kiss the Moon is a brand dedicated to help you sleep better so it only seemed fitting to include their ‘Dream’ candle. This beautiful soy candle is hand-poured in small batches in the UK. It utilises relaxing Lavender blended with a fresh twist of Bergamot, a gentle aroma that clears the mind and helps you unwind.

Buy the candle for £34.20 (RRP £38) 10% off offer expires 28th June

Guava and Gold Rhythm and Reef Bath and Shower Gel

Spellbinding and revitalizing, the fragrance of Rhythm & Reef delicately harmonizes sweet plum blossom with the intoxicating accords of salt flower, blue tea and notes of hydrating water musk seamlessly blending with dry driftwood.

The fragrance of this shower gel is a gloriously uplifting and refreshing blend of musk, blue tea and plum blossom. This cleanses your skin without stripping it of natural oils… love it!

Guava and Gold’s range is designed to be like a tropical escape and I love to reach for this when I want to be uplifted and feel like I’m on holiday… gorgeous.

Buy the shower gel for £18 (RRP £20) 10% off offer expires 28th June

The 10% discount applies only to the products in this post and the offer expires on the 28th June.