Happy International Women’s Day!

I’m focused on celebrating, highlighting and supporting other women….not just today but everyday.

I love the Maya Angelou quote that says “I am grateful to be a woman, I must’ve done something great in another life”… it really does say everything about how I feel about being a woman despite the challenges that we face on a daily basis. I love it and I love any opportunity to celebrate women.

Women. We are so many different things. We are complex beings, and sometimes we struggle with our complexity ….wondering how we appear to others, concerned about seeming to be contradictory, worried about bringing our various ‘selves’ to the table in case we are judged as ‘being’ too much or ‘wanting’ too much…..or maybe it’s the fear of not being enough…..good enough, intelligent enough, qualified enough, slim enough, pretty enough …..so many enoughs!

And yet, history is abundant with women who have embraced their complexity and stepped into their power, despite their fears.

When I say history, I’m talking about yesterday and I’m talking about today, because we are history in the making.

Embrace yourself – it’s ok to be weak and strong, funny and serious, extrovert and introvert, fearless and fearful. It’s ok to choose yourself.

More women than ever before are starting their own businesses so if that’s what you want to do ….start taking steps to do it. More women than ever before are speaking up about the injustices that they’ve experienced, Societal issues etc …so if you feel passionate about something…speak up. If you feel stuck and would like to pivot your career….then go for it.

Women’s history month, international women’s day are all just extra ways to celebrate the magic that is woman my businesses are focused on celebrating highlighting and supporting other women and my inspirations always start at home namely my mother, a phenomenal woman & dynamic fempreneur, my sister phenomenal woman @isipossible & dynamic fempreneur @minimode_lkfw plus my amazing nieces & my dearest @Icansaspireto.

And then there’s YOU, the amazing women who may not even realise how inspiring you are!! But I SEE YOU and I’m thankful for you….your presence is uplifting in this space that can be toxic at times.

The theme of IWD this year is #EmbraceEquity and it reminds us that we have work to do in order to achieve a gender equal world….it also reminds that together we can.

Denise xx