Isn’t it funny how certain wellness themes just seem to appear and suddenly become the next big thing?

I’ve noticed that Gut Health has become one of those themes and as one who has gut issues I’m personally very happy that gut education has become a ‘thing’: I’m also glad that there are some very effective steps that we can take toward improving our health, among them are foods, gut boosting drinks and supplements.

Ultimately I think that it’s about taking some sort of action ….every little helps as they say.
These Kefir Live Culture drinks from Pure Earth are an interesting and tasty option. They come in 6 different natural flavours, each with specific ingredients to deal with different concerns eg. The Apple/ Mint kefir is meant to help to relieve fatigue while boosting optimum digestion, whereas the grapefruit kefir is good for detoxing the liver and immunity boosting thanks to the vitamin c.
What’s so special:
  • They are dairy free, Suitable for vegans, Gluten-free and are 100 % certified organic.
  • They’re infused with adaptogenic superfoods and cold pressed organic juices.
What is Kefir? 
Kefir is essentially a fermented drink made from a live culture of friendly bacteria and yeast. This creates a fizzy