Isn’t it funny how certain wellness themes just seem to appear and suddenly become the next big thing?

I’ve noticed that Gut Health has become one of those themes and as one who has gut issues I’m personally very happy that gut education has become a ‘thing’: I’m also glad that there are some very effective steps that we can take toward improving our health, among them are foods, gut boosting drinks and supplements.

Ultimately I think that it’s about taking some sort of action ….every little helps as they say.
These Kefir Live Culture drinks from Pure Earth are an interesting and tasty option. They come in 6 different natural flavours, each with specific ingredients to deal with different concerns eg. The Apple/ Mint kefir is meant to help to relieve fatigue while boosting optimum digestion, whereas the grapefruit kefir is good for detoxing the liver and immunity boosting thanks to the vitamin c.
What’s so special:
  • They are dairy free, Suitable for vegans, Gluten-free and are 100 % certified organic.
  • They’re infused with adaptogenic superfoods and cold pressed organic juices.
What is Kefir? 
Kefir is essentially a fermented drink made from a live culture of friendly bacteria and yeast. This creates a fizzy tasting, gut- loving drink – and needs to be refrigerated!
We featured an article about the benefits of fermenting your food from Marielle Alix in the past where she talks about what’s great about Kefir. Here’s an extract from that article where she explains all about this probiotic!

Kefir is a cultured and microbial-rich food that helps restore the body’s inner ecology. It contains strains of beneficial yeast and beneficial bacteria that give it antibiotic properties. A natural antibiotic – and it is made from milk! The finished product is not unlike that of a drinking style yogurt, but kefir has a more tart, refreshing taste and is more medicinal.

Kefir does not feed yeast, and it usually doesn’t even bother people who are lactose intolerant. That’s because the friendly bacteria and the beneficial yeast growing in the kefir consume most of the lactose and provide very efficient enzymes (lactase) for consuming whatever lactose is still left after the culturing process. Yes it is slightly mucus forming but in a way that makes kefir work for us: the mucus has a “clean” quality to it that coats the lining of the digestive tract, creating a sort of nest where beneficial bacteria can settle and colonize.

After you restore the balance of your inner ecology using cultured foods, the beneficial bacteria feed on the sugar for themselves first, leaving little to carry into the rest of your body.

All cultured foods, including kefir, keep the small and large intestines clean and free of parasites. Once in the large intestine, the beneficial bacteria create lactic acid that balances the pH level there. In this acidic environment, parasites and other unfriendly organisms cannot survive.

With its 0.2% alcohol content (produced by the yeast), kefir is acidic when you make it; yet it becomes alkaline-forming in the body once you eat it. This means that the overall quality of the blood remains slightly more alkaline and you remain healthy.

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