Part 2 is here at last, so, it’s off to the kitchen to feed your hair!


Its health benefits when taken internally are numerous always purchase the one which contains “ The Mother”
*For external use directly on your hair
*It has a pH of 3 its acid…we know hair is at its best when its mantle is between 4.5 to 5.5
*Water is neutral at pH 7 slightly more Alkaline than hair. mix the ACV with water to bring it between 4 and 7
*Use your strips to test if you wish.
*It is Anti bacterial (dandruff) and anti Fungal , fungus occurs on skin that is out of balance and alkaline .
*ACV is mildly chelating meaning it removes product and calcium build up , its gentler than some of the products on the market designed for this purpose.







loaded with Vitamins and Minerals and Amino acids this is pure food for the hair and skin.
pH 3.9 to 6.1 making it acid
It is anti bacterial, anti fungal
Its most interesting property… to me, is its ability to act as a humectant, that is its ability to attract moisture and lock it in. It doesn’t absorb the moisture it keeps things moist. image
Humectants are great for hair that is dry brittle,chemically treated, porous and curly hair which due to its elliptical shape loses moisture easily and becomes frizzy.


*Mildly Alkaline on the pH scale
*Rich in nutrients Vitamins E and K
*Contains fatty acid lauric acid which binds hair proteins protects the roots and prevents hair breakage and hair loss.
*Anti bacterial Anti Fungal
*Great as a pre wash treatment








1/4 cup of raw organic honey
10 tablespoons of Apple Cider vinegar
mix well add small amount of warm water to soften mixture
for conditioning leave on for 30 mins
you can use this as a shampoo, if you prefer lather add a little sulphate free shampoo.
Apple Cider Vinegar or Honey can be used alone with just water added to balance the pH
Coconut oil can be mixed with any of the above for extra dry hair or better still used alone as a pre wash conditioner .
If you find the honey or coconut oil too heavy for your hair type then try them as pre-wash treatments.

Wishing you happy hair!

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