Following on from our festive wellbeing survival guide we thought we’d put together an edit of items that might just be the difference between experiencing an overwhelming and stress filled Christmas to one that’s a little more balanced and controlled with some ideas of products you can have in your arsenal to support you when times get trying.

After all we know that stress can rear its head and I for one welcome any support that will enable me to enjoy the festive season.

I know that many of you will say that it’s easier said than done to carve out some time for yourself ….to restore and renew yourself …but remember it’s your Christmas too and you need to be able to head back to work feeling like you’ve had some sort of break and time for yourself.

So make some time for self care… e.g. Long soaks, walks, a couple of early nights, digital detox, music… whatever works for you.

Here’s our suggestions of what you could include in your own festive wellbeing toolkit this Christmas.

1. Meditation –

If you don’t already have a meditation practice, one you could start is by trying an App. This could be something you try out when travelling or when you get a little bit of me-time in the evenings or when you wake up.

We’d suggest the meditation app Calm.

2. Aromatherapy –

Essential oils are known for their therapeutic effects, it’s been something we’d spoken about many times on our website before. Recently, we posted an article from aromatherapist Lisa Basso and founder of Inner Senses about how aromatherapy can be your ally in a stressful world, read part 1 and part 2 of the piece here.

Here are some aromatherapy based products we’d recommend to help calm and clear your mind:

Tisserand Roller Ball

Scentered Escape Therapy Balm

Aromatherapy Associates
De-Stress Body and Shower Oil

Therapie Roques O’Neil
Calm Balm

  1. Create your space

Another way to help create an element of calm – this is also a useful tool when having guests over – is with the energy in the room. We like to use relaxing room mists and warming candles to make a room feel welcoming, cosy and relaxing.

Kiss the Moon
Dream Candle

Corrine Taylor
Room and Linen Spray

Temple Spa
QUIETUDE calming mist for me & my space

  1. Journaling

If you have some time for self-reflection this holiday, you could also try some journaling. I’m sure I’m not the only one that as the end of the year approaches, I feel like I need to think back at what the last year has held… look back at what achievements you have made this year, no matter how small… perhaps even start looking forward to what you want next year to hold for you.

  1. Bathing – salts and oils

Hot baths surrounding yourself with candles and calming music… one of our favourite ways to relax and re-center in the winter, as well as give you that time to have a few ‘Mindful Moments’ and indulge in some self care. Loving these bath salts and oils for a truly relaxing experience:

Lavender Relaxing Bath Milk

Mindful Bath Salts

Mauli Rituals
Healing Bath Salts

Magnesium Foot Soak

6 Sleep – sleep aids

Holiday planning keeping you up at night? Or do you find it hard to switch off for the holidays in general? Now is a great time to try out those sleep aids… particularly when you can have a lie in the next morning and really catch up on that sleep.

Kiss the Moon
Dream Night Foot Cream

Therapie Roques O’Neil
Pillow Spray

Sleep Better Pillow Mist

Sanatio Naturalis
White, Jasmine and Marigold Flowering Tea

Better You
Magnesium Spray

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