Here’s your self-isolation wellbeing toolkit!

Here’s your self-isolation wellbeing toolkit!

Beauties, with many of us self-isolating and working from home, we thought it was time to start talking about how you can put together your own wellbeing toolkit to keep you going through this time.

These items are designed to support you – both physically and mentally, to help keep you focused and stress levels down.

Keep safe, everyone and we hope that you can take away something from this to help you get through this!

Feed your body

It can be easy to fall into bad habits when left to your own devices – but make sure to stock up (if you can) or even make your own healthy, yummy snacks to keep you satisfied and feeling good. Look for snacks that are high in vitamin c and other immune boosting goodness where you can.

Herbal Tea

If you can – avoid too much caffeine and perhaps look to drink more herbal teas. One we’d recommend that also helps boost immunity is thyme tea.  Thyme tea helps stimulate memory, ease headaches and muscle tension, soothe coughs, relieve fevers, and fight colds and infections. It tastes lovely too!

Beauty Cake from Rejuvenated

Who doesn’t want to snack on something yummy and get better skin in the meantime? We do… and this is what Rejuvenated’s Beauty Cake’s deliver.

Each bar packs an impressive 5000 mgs of marine collagen, vitamin c and coconut oil plus they are protein based and they are gluten and lactose-free. These taste good and the inclusion of chopped dates satisfies my sweet tooth … in actual fact, I’ve found myself easily munching through a couple of bars in an afternoon… at this rate my skin will be phenomenal!

Buy the Beauty Cake for £9.50 from Rejuvenated

Altrient C Liposomal Vitamin C

Now, we’re obviously not going to say this is going to stop you from getting ill… but helping to boost your vitamin c levels will help you feeling better and stronger and we really like this one from Altrient.

These gels are easy and quick to consume– you’ll feel good to know you’re feeding your body something good.

Buy the vitamin c for £39.99 from Altrient

Feed your skin

We’d recommend keeping some items on hand to give your skin some love throughout the day – both your body and face.

Love Absolute Hand Sanitizer

Yes… hand sanitisers are becoming increasingly sparse as people hoard them and buy them in bulk… not a good look. If you’re running low, you could grab one from one of our brands – Love Absolute have just released one… check it out!

Visit their website to find out more

Inlight Beauty Chocolate Mask

You’re at home! Perhaps now is the chance to use those facemasks you’ve not got round to yet – because who else is going to see them? What’s great if you can multitask – perhaps apply one during the day while you’re working or even as a treat over lunch. You could even treat yourself to this gorgeous chocolate mask from Inlight Beauty… it smells good enough to eat and will also nourish and brighten your skin (even if it’ll make you look a little crazy!).

Buy the mask for £38 from Naturisimo

STARSKIN Hollywood Hand Model™ Nourishing Double-Layer Hand Mask Gloves

In the same vein – you can also take this as a chance to keep those hands moisturised with a hand mask. This one from Starskin is beautiful. With all this handwashing going on, for the most part it’s more than usual, your hands may have started getting a little dry… we love this hand mask to keep your skin feeling supple and soft. This gorgeous hand mask produces a ‘sauna effect’ for the hands, working to repair and soften even the roughest of hands with the bonus of conditioning the cuticles.

Buy the hand mask for £8.58 from Feel Unique

Zoetic lemongrass and ylang ylang hand cream

If you’re more traditional, we’d also suggest a regular handcream like this one from Zoetic. Embrace the power of CBD with this gorgeously scented hand cream from Zoetic. Enriched with Vitamin E and Macadamia Oil, this cream hydrates and protects your hands against the elements.  Beautifully enhanced with lemongrass and ylang ylang for a fresh and uplifting scent. It has a lovely texture and will keep your skin feeling soft and supple all day long. We’ll be sharing a full review soon of this… so stay tuned!

Buy the hand cream for £25 from Zoetic

Feed your spirit

If you’re at home, you have the opportunity to really transform your space how you want and to create a real sense of relaxation and calm… more so than you would at work. If you’re feeling anxious or stressed, take some time and really create your space so you can go into a day with a level of control.

Neom Oil Diffuser

You could pick up a diffuser with your favourite essential oils (please be careful if you have pets as many essential oils are toxic to them). This will help keep the air moist and lightly scented to create an atmosphere of calm… love one from Neom is gorgeous.

Buy the Neom Wellbeing diffuser for £140 from Neom

Love Candle from Kiss the Moon

If you’re a candle lover – light away! Candles can be a great way to create an atmosphere as well as lightly scent a room. Kiss the Moon have 3 beautiful candles (GLOW, DREAM and LOVE) but we love burning the LOVE candle during this time with the soothing fragrance of Rose & Frankincense essential oils.

Buy the candle for £38 from the Wow Beauty shop

Root and Flower

You can also keep to hand an aromatherapy roller ball that you can apply to your pressure points when you’re feeling particularly stressed or anxious. We’ve been loving the one from Root and Flower aptly named ‘Anxiety’. This Root and Flower blend is designed to provide comfort in those moments that you need something to soothe and calm:   This blend is particularly lovely at any time of the day that I need a breather …a moment to just gather my thoughts and exhale.

Buy the blend for £13 from Root and Flower

Calm Balm from Therapie Roques O’Neil

This magical balm has been created to “offer vital support when nerves are frayed and need unification gently stroking them back to alignment” which makes it the perfect companion right now. I have to admit to being slightly obsessed with this product …I have one in my handbag and one on my desk! We’ve reviewed this wonder product before here.

Buy the Calm Balm for £38 at Therapie Roques O’Neil

(*PR gift/sample)

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