Beauties, have you used a facial roller before?

Using a facial roller has many fantastic benefits including lymphatic drainage, helping to depuff the skin particularly round the eyes and firm up the jaw… also it can be used as a fabulous relaxation and meditation.

We thought we’d reach out to the Sofia Latif, who recently did a 30 day challenge to use a facial roller every day to see what the effects would be – and we’d like to share this video with you today where she discusses the results and the benefits of facial rollers.

About Sofia Latif

In her 20s Sofia Latif’s skin became hypersensitive and she developed stress eczema during a very challenging period of her life and the stress was showing on her skin. Nothing helped to ease the sensitivity, and prescribed medication was not the solution for her – she didn’t want to compromise the strength of her skin by using hydrocortisone. There were no products on the market which seemed to help alleviate the sensitivity, or stop my skin from relapsing and developing eczema.

That is when she started to experiment with oils, and found sweet almond oil and rosehip oil to be saviours at that time. The next step for her was to research and find oils which could tackle issues such as scarring (which South Asian skin is very prone to), dry skin, uneven skin tone, fine lines, breakouts, and open pores. She tested and trialled all the blends on myself over the course of 15 years, until she was happy with the results, and her skincare line – Sofia Latif™ – was born.

About Sofia’s Face Oil

This is one of those face oils that has a natural affinity with the skin, leading to the desire to use it consistently…not only does it feel wonderful has a lovely earthy fragrance too.

This vegan face oil is an effective blend of antioxidant, anti inflammatory and vitamin rich oils that sink easily into the skin leaving it feeling supple, fed and with a healthy glow!

Naturally rich in vitamins A, C, E, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory Rosehip, Marula, Moringa, and Pomegranate seed oils are easily absorbed into the deeper layers of skin where they work to stimulate the cells in the epidermis and promote its regeneration, increase levels of collagen and elastin, improve firmness, and fade scars.

Jasmine essential oil balances skin and the mind, Rose essential oil refines skin texture, whilst Organic Sweet Almond oil‘s rich vitamin profile strengthens skin and seals in moisture.

Suitable for all skin types except those sensitive skin.

Buy the oil for £45 from Sofia Latif