Ingredients Index: Fermented Skincare

Ingredients Index: Fermented Skincare

Looking for a stronger, healthier skin barrier? You may need to try fermented skincare!

We all know about the benefits of fermented food products like kimchi and kombucha, but do you also know about how fab it is for the skin? let’s talk about it.

What is fermented skincare and why should you use it?

Fermentation is a metabolic process in which compounds are broken down by micro-organisms, such as bacteria and yeast, into simpler and smaller compounds.

Some common fermented skincare ingredients include…

  • Yeast
  • Fruit
  • Plants
  • Tea
  • Herbs
  • Milk
  • Alpha hydroxy acids (glycolic, mandelic and lactic acids come from fermented sugar, almonds and milk)
  • Kimchi
  • Kombucha

Where is it from

Fermented skincare hails from Korea where they’ve been using it for thousands of years.

The Benefits – Outer Beauty

·        Basically, the fermentation neutralises any irritants, making products gentle enough for sensitive and dry skin.

·        When you ferment key ingredients, it actually enhances the effectiveness, creating powerful actives.

·        Fermented products may penetrate the skin better as they break down the ingredients into smaller parts.

Some superstar skincare products include…

fermented skincare

Elemis Superfood Kefir-Tea Mist

This mist from Elemis is superfine– so fine you can even apply over makeup without disrupting it. You don’t even need to pat it in.

I quite like the scent, herbaceous and cooling. Enriched with antioxidant-rich Coconut Water, Rooibos Tea and vegan Kefir Ferment, the soothing formula tones, primes, sets makeup and refreshes skin throughout the day.

Buy the mist from Elemis

Biome One Cleansing Balm

Bring your skin back into balance from the start – your cleanser. This unique cleanser has a thick oil texture but rubs into the skin like a balm… love that.

This cleansing balm respects the skin barrier to cleanse the skin gently, yet effectively. The Biome One Cleansing Balm uses bio-technology to tackle the source of popular skin concerns, rather than just the symptoms, in order to ‘help skin help itself’. If you’re sick of having reactive skin, use this cleanser to protect against urban dust and pollution, strengthen, enhance hydration from within and reduce inflammation. The broad-spectrum prebiotic effect supports microbiome resilience and rebalances the skin, making it less prone to oiliness, breakouts and irritation.

Buy the cleanser from Cult Beauty

Kora Organics Noni Night AHA Resurfacing Serum

This lightly fragranced serum is designed to be used at night. Not only is it organic and natural, It’s also very gentle and is well absorbed into the skin. Skin loving ingredients include Lactic Acid and Avocado Oil. It utilises lemon peel ferment, which balances oil production for clearer, brighter-looking skin, also works hard alongside tonka bean ferment to illuminate and protect against environmental ageing.

Buy the serum from Space NK

Florena Nourishing Night Cream

This gorgeous Nourishing Night Cream is enriched with fermented Camellia Sinensis and fermented Olive Oil. Their formulas are enriched with fermented flowers and fermented precious oils, with a higher concentration of free fatty acids, including Omega 6 and Omega 9.

Loving the thick, rich texture, perfect for a night cream.

Buy the night cream from Florena

The Benefits – Inner Beauty

Fermented foods bring tremendous health and digestion benefits and in doing so, can really help your body brim with vitality, your immune system fight infections, and.. skin be optimally healthy and even help with concerns such as acne” says Marielle Alix, Holistic medicine practitioner.

Fermented foods have been part of the human diet for centuries, initially products to preserve foods, improve flavour and eliminate food toxins. But there are more health benefits to this process.

There are many health benefits associated with fermented foods including reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and inflammation.

There are thousands of different types of fermented foods, including

  • cultured milk and yoghurt
  • wine
  • beer
  • cider
  • tempeh
  • miso
  • kimchi
  • sauerkraut
  • fermented sausage

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