Whenever I see Nadine she’s glowing…she just seems to radiate good health, so when she told me that she was going on one her regular juice fast retreats, I was intrigued and asked her to write something about it for us. Now, of course, this is a subject that divides opinion. There are those who are passionate about the benefits of juice fasting as they believe that it’s the ultimate cleanse and there are those who believe that juice fasting is too extreme and that juicing should be treated as a supplement to a healthy diet. Whatever your opinion, the one thing that we can probably all agree on is that increasing our intake of vegetable juices, and to a lesser extent fruit juices and the antioxidants that they contain is a win for all of us.

I first heard of Juicy Oasis through Monsoon the fashion label when my son Blake did an editorial model shoot for them. Through that, I was entered into a competition, the prize being a free holiday to Juicy Oasis in Portugal. That was last year and was an incredible holiday! We loved it so much that we went back this year and will go back every year. I had juiced before in Thailand over 14 years ago but it wasn’t as glamorous and enjoyable as Juicy Oasis! WOW BEAUTY has asked for my review on this experience so here goes…


The benefits

The amazing thing is that Juicing is an incredible thing to do even if you can’t stop eating but just to add into your daily life. Going away from the home and having everything done for you is so easy that it really is worth trying. The weight does just fall off and your energy levels go to the max as you’re not having to digest food. The nutrients from the mainly vegetable juices goes straight to your cells nourishing them and healing any problems like inflammation and any other diseases you may have. What I love the most about it is that it banishes my cravings for salt, sugar, alcohol, coffees etc… so really is a reboot to the system doing a whole seven days!

Lots of my friends and family say that they couldn’t think of anything worse than going away and not eating or drinking alcohol on holiday but my advice is to read the books or watch some documentaries and get your mind set first. Educating yourself on juicing and the benefits is essential! Juicy Oasis is set up for that with the cinema room and daily documentaries it really helps to see things clearly what we put in our bodies on a daily basis. The long-term effects what the build-up of a bad diet can do to you.


How does it work?

We were given 4 juices a day, the morning and evening juices are thick ones blended with avocados to keep you fuller for longer with the odd wheatgrass shot or apple and ginger shot which is delish. We could drink as much herbal tea and water as we liked, it’s amazing how fast your stomach shrinks and you feel full. The feeling you get is incredible after the 3rd day of juicing after all the toxins have passed your body. I felt mental clarity and energy levels were high. Exercise is also key in removing the toxics faster from your body and gets everything circulating.

My Partner Daryl came away a vegetarian after the first visit and soon after became a vegan as I am. He was the typical fella that didn’t want to go to a juicing resort was the last place ever to go on a holiday but I knew he would feel the benefits of it and it’s perfect as there is no temptations to sneak off to the local bar or cafe for food! JO is tucked away remotely on its own on a beautiful site on a river.

This unique retreat is located deep in the heart of sun-drenched Portugal.”


The resort

The staff are fabulous and the resort is set out well. Being a five star resort with a beautiful spa and fabulous treatments the daily schedule is packed with things to do but then again you don’t have to do anything at all! If you want to, you can just sunbathe and read books by the pool.

The Resort is catered for everyone and we always come away with lovely new friends! this year we met a lovely couple Andy and Michelle and a fabulous lady called Vig that owns Wills Bees Bespoke luxury bags.

Daryl and I did the morning walks every morning then relaxed by the pool and read mostly. Then we did a daily gym class at our own leisure with lots of treatments to reward ourselves for all the effort we were putting into our health. Amy the Juicy Oasis Manager was fabulous and Natalie the fitness instructor was so energetic we enjoyed our stay at Juicy Oasis and look forward to keeping up the reboot every year. Daryl and I juice every day mainly skipping a meal or two or even the whole day. I have also continued to juice for days, as its easy once you get into it and feel the benefits. So many people have stopped taking medication for their illness after juicing which shows just how effective and essential it is to do every day in our lives.

“Juicy Oasis is not a ‘Spa Hotel’, but rather a retreat where you are taken on a very unique ‘mind and body seven day journey’ to fully recharge, reboot and inspire you.”

I’m very lucky as I’m at Champneys in Tring daily and they do supply juice there and have super facilities. It is a very exclusive health spa resort! They do a fabulous healthy lunch and I adore the gym every day if I can! It’s also important to treat yourself too. Exercise is essential even if you can’t run just walk or do whatever exercise you can do.

I think since I have changed my life around, I’m really feeling the benefits as previously I lived a party life most of my life living in Spain and Cape Town South Africa.

 The Juicy Lifestyle really isn’t as hard as you might think it is. All you need is a juicer and to get yourself some fresh vegetables and little fruit. I lost 7lbs in 7 days easy as that! It was so fast and easy to shift stubborn hard to lose weight. My skin was also super soft and felt really great.

I hope I have inspired you to try the juicing challenge! The 3-day challenge is a good place to start and then see how you feel.

I also love the apps that Juicy Oasis has available to download! Jason has all the juices in one place I have the Jason Vale Super Juice Me app. It has 3 days of juicing on there and some great tips and coaching.

For full details please check out www.juicyoasis.com

Review by Nadine Brower

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