There is something very therapeutic about taking a long, soothing bath, in salts and it’s even more powerful when the salts are so divinely scented that they have a transformative affect on your mood. Now of course there are salts and there are SALTS and these ‘Dream Bedtime Bath Salts’ from one of our favourite sleep brands ‘Kiss The Moon’ are serious SALTS.

These salts are heavenly scented with Lavender, Bergamot, Cedarwood and Chamomile essential oils all of which work in synergy to soothe and relax. The brand Lavender is a perfect night time beauty oil, able to balance skin’s own oil production and encourage healthy new cells to form, while Roman Chamomile is great for very sensitive or dry skin as it can calm and soothe. Next is the Bergamot which has a calming aroma and can purify the skin lastly Cedarwood, loved for its calming effect. There are other ingredients which are included that have superb skin nourishing qualities namely, White Tea & Coconut Seed Oil which provide an antioxidant boost and leave the skin nourished & moisturised.

All of this goodness is in a base of good quality Epsom & Dead Sea Salts. These mineral rich salts are a natural source of magnesium a mineral known for its ability to help the body make serotonin and it instills a sense of well being, as well as providing a light detox for the body.

As a notoriously poor sleeper, I find that a soak in these salts certainly relaxes me and helps me to exhale….and for me that’s always going to be a winner. Am I going to include these lush salts in my relaxation kit? oh yes, because they are so worth it!

Buy the Dream Bath Salts for £20 from Kiss the Moon

(*PR gift/sample)