With many of us already working from home or getting ready to work from home based on government instructions in the fight to halt the spread of this virus we thought it was time to share a few tips on how to stay motivated and sane during this time. Stay safe, everyone!

Get Dressed

This is something that is perhaps particularly important if you are working from home.

Do not be tempted to stay in your pajamas. Get dressed – it could still be something cozy and comfortable but getting dressed into a fresh outfit can help to motivate you to start your day and feel more productive. If you’re dressed for sleep, it’s a lot harder to get out of that mindset.

Stay Connected

Having to self-isolate doesn’t mean you have to completely disconnect from the outside world.

Take advantage of your technology and call loved ones – even video call them if you feel comfortable with that. You don’t have to be alone through this and perhaps you can use that extra time to reconnect with people. We have so many ways to stay connected and sometimes, when life gets busy it can get a little neglected – now is the time to make positive changes.

Have a dedicated work space

If you are working from home, our advice is: try not to work from a bed or a sofa. If you have a coffee table or a desk, set yourself up there and define that as the space where you’re going to work and get things done. It’ll help you feel more productive when working and also help you switch off when it’s time to do that.

Leave the sofa and bed for chilling out.

Create your space

If you haven’t got pets (as many essential oils can be toxic for cats and dogs) an essential oil diffuser can be a lovely way to keep you place feeling inviting and it will also keep the air fresh and moist.  If you like candles – you can also light some candles to make your home feel cozy scented.

Go Outside

Okay yes, we’re all supposed to be staying inside and avoiding crowds… but if you have a garden or something like that, make sure to spend some time out there. The first hints of spring are arriving, flowers are starting to bloom and the wildlife is coming alive… take some time to enjoy and appreciate it. The fresh air, different setting and being surrounded in nature will help with a positive mindset.

Stock up on healthy snacks

It can be easy to fall into bad habits when left to your own devices – but make sure to stock up (if you can) or even make your own healthy, yummy snacks to keep you satisfied and feeling good. Look for snacks that are high in vitamin c and other immune boosting goodness where you can.

Catch up on hobbies

Take the extra time you have to make some time for you and catch up on some hobbies that may have been a little neglected recently. Don’t just binge on Netflix – perhaps take this as an opportunity to catch up on some reading or listen to an audiobook.