So I guess it comes as no surprise that the goody bag that we curated for the guests at our Wellbeing zone event were designed to boost wellbeing and as a couple of guests have said it’s like their  very own self-care kit and we hope everyone is enjoying them! First out of the bag is …..
Therapie Roques O’Neil – Detox Bath Salts


These lush smelling detox bath salts by leading aromatherapist Michelle Roques O’Neill are just what you need for a little de-stressing down time! These award winning salts are jam packed with insomnia busting, anxiety reducing ingredients perfect for anyone who is serious about boosting their wellbeing. Michelle says “Himalayan salts has over 80 different minerals and have potent healing capabilities, amethyst powder cleanses negative energy and promotes cellular renewal, rose geranium improves the circulation and helps improve flow, rosewood refreshes and restores hope and courage when feeling a little lost, patchouli is a sedative and antidepressant, English lavender cleanses and balances the urinary system, juniper berry is purifying and comforting, lemongrass helps release blocked energy, grapefruit is a toning diuretic astringent that helps to shift physical and emotional congestion and create a better flow. Blessings supercharged with reiki and love.”

Rejuvenated H30 Hydration

Loving this award winning brand who are passionate about positive healthcare and promoting wellbeing. Their H3O hydration sachets provide minerals and ions key in hydration for skin and health. Some of the key ingredients include: Hypotonic hydration with hyaluronic acid, magnesium, Magnesium which contributes to a reduction of tiredness and fatigue, calcium and vitamin c.

 Britts Superfoods

Dr Britt was also at the event talking about her products and they went down a treat! Her wheatgrass juice tastes delicious and packs a real healthy punch too! It contains 100% Organic Wheatgrass juice, which contains more chlorophyll than any other green vegetable and as much Vitamin A and E as 1.5lb of organic broccoli. You just freeze them to keep them at their nutritional peak and then take them out in the morning, all packaged into helpful little portions.

Urban Veda – Radiance Range

Urban Veda is a gorgeous Ayvededic range and we’ve reviewed their gorgeous facial oil in the past (here’s our review). Lucky guests were treated to their turmeric infused facial polish and day cream… hydrating and brightening.

Abakus Food – Jujube Crisps

This one has become a favourite in the office, a healthy snack when you need that bit of nutrition throughout the day. Healthy and tasty – did you know that the fresh jujube fruit has 20x more vitamin C than citrus fruits? Because part of your journey to improving your wellbeing also comes from what you put into your body. Good nutrition is key! They’re also incredibly moreish. ­­


As a tea addict myself, I have become a huge fan – you can taste the quality and the depth of flavour. The teabags themselves are also beautifully presented. All of their teas are inspired by Chinese traditions, there’s real love behind this brand. They have a huge range of teas too, my favourite being the classic English Breakfast.

Vega Vitamins – Vitamin D Oral Spray

Get a boost of Vitamin D! This is particularly important in the winter months when the sun is sparse and for many of us, we’re inside at work from before the sun is up to after the sun goes down so the amount of sunlight we get is very limited. In fact, according to Vega Vitamin’s website ‘Over two thirds (64%) of Brits have dangerously low vitamin D levels’. Vitamin D is required for the absorption of calcium and phosphate in the body and for healthy bones, teeth and muscles. It also has an impact on our wellbeing and our immune system, so it is crucial that these levels are topped up.

Vega Vanilla

I can’t help but love the philosophy of this brand because they’re all about keeping it real as they say “we believe the best long-term changes happen with small, incremental steps, and that better should be sustainable….we’re fans of focusing not on what you should eliminate from your diet, but on what you can add. Start by adding one plant-based meal or dish a day—a smoothie for breakfast etc…”. This Vanilla Powder like all of their products is plant based and in fact it’s “high in protein made from a complete multisource plant-based blend of pea, flaxseed and hemp”. Sometimes nutritional powders can have a really off putting taste but this taste pretty good blended with a banana for a smoothie.

Feather and Down – Pillow Spray

One very important topic that was discussedat our wellbeing event was the issue of sleep. We all know how much sleep not only affects our sense of wellbeing, but our health overall… and so many people say that they don’t feel like they get enough sleep, so anything that could possibly help people to get to sleep easier is a positive thing. This spray is infused with lavender and chamomile to promote relaxation and sleep.

Maharishi Ayurveda

This wonderful brand have an array of ayurvedic based products and provided our guests with their sweet and warming organic ‘vata’ tea. This tea which has a sweet taste and aroma is meant to be good for people who feel on edge, restless, or anxious? Is your mind unsettled? Do you have sleep problems? Ayurveda would say that the Vata or air element in your body is out of balance. A careful blend of liquorice, cinnamon, cardamom and ginger give Organic Vata Tea a full and sweet taste and helps bring your disturbed Vata back into a state of balance. It leaves you feeling soothed, calmed and relaxed. They also have a lovely skincare line… from anti-ageing facial creams to eye serums and more.


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