Beauties, it’s 2022 and although we’re still living in very changeable times… but we’re feeling positive and looking forward to seeing what’s to come. We’ve seen a shift from always wanting to find the next shiny new thing to a slower, more thoughtful and ethical approach to beauty with new innovations in sustainability stepping forward. Here are some trends we hope will make a mark in 2022.

Refillable and eco friendly packaging 

We’re seen a surge of sustainable packaging over the last few years and this isn’t slowing down anytime soon! We’re getting used to brands offering refillable products and this will continue to grow, from compostable packaging to even refillable lipstick tubes and more.

We’ve also begun to see some innovative brands introducing solid skincare bars for both body & face care. These solutions do away with the need for bottles, jars and pumps as they can be wrapped in compostable materials.

Materials like bamboo and coconut are being utilised for creative packaging solutions, so those of us who like our products to be dressing table ready have nothing to worry about.

Advanced personalisation

We’ll see more tech developed to personalise both your skincare and makeup routines. From shades of blush and lipstick to personalised skincare to suit your needs of the moment. It’ll be aided by AI technology to really add another level of customisation…. Exciting!


Tracking stress levels

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we need to keep an eye on our stress levels to keep us from getting burnt out. Things like journals to stress levels and wearables are great ways to keep track of stress levels and track when you may be heading for burnout. Wearables like fitbit also have features that track stress levels based on your own input, heart rate and more to see stress on a more scientific level.

More attention to scent

Fragrances that deliver more than just a lovely smell are on the rise; yes we’re used to scented candles, atomisers etc… but thanks to in no small part to the pandemic and the desire to boost our wellbeing in every possible way – there’s an increase in fragrances with a function using aromatherapy and science to create mood boosting blends in the form of atmosphere mists, roller balls,  body fragrances and more.