Valentines Day is around the corner, and as usual we are surrounded by the traditional advertising telling us what to get our boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives or secret admirers to treat us to, as a way of declaring their love for us. Okay, so I’m rather bored of all that and in the spirit of the Wow beauty ‘Be Kind to Yourself’ for 2016 agenda, we are using self love hashtags #iloveme and #loveyourself . I’ve put together some gorgeous feel good  items that I think make perfect #iloveme  treats that you can buy for yourself, because after all if YOU don’t love and cherish YOU why should anyone else?


Clockwise from the left – ❤️Diptyque Rosa Viola candle. This candle smells so beautiful, a gorgeous blend of rose and violet and it lasts a long time. £44.00 for 190g available from ❤️Aurelia FIRM & REVITALISE DRY BODY OIL . I absolutely love this oil, it smells wonderful and is a holistic mix of Rose, Neroli, lavender and mandarin, all great at relieving stress plus it leaves your skin silky soft, nourished and scented £48.00 for 100ml available from ❤️BeautyWorksWest Anti-Ageing Body Treatment – £20.00 – See more at: ❤️BeautyWorksWest Sugar Cane Scrub this scrub is a new favourite and I’m due to review it soon…it smells divine and leaves my skin super soft and super moisturised- £20.00 from ❤️Thalgo marine shower gel .This shower gel is a great way to start your day or end it, it has a gorgeous fragrance and cleanses and purifies the skin while preserving its hydrolipidic film £14.25 250ml available from