Beauties, I often write pieces to remind myself and all of you about the importance of self love. It’s all too easy to get swept away with being busy, so busy in fact that we fail to realise that we are not being kind to ourselves… not taking time out to unwind, not eating properly,  not exercising ….in order to achieve we have to be our best selves so here’s a taste of a piece that I wrote for Riddle Magazine……enjoy. Denise xx

Nine Ways to ….be Kinder to Yourself

In times of uncertainty it’s worth taking a little time to just calm and re-energise yourself.

Let’s admit something to each other: the unknown can instil fear and anxiety in most of us, especially as we struggle to understand the events that take place around us over which we have little or at least limited control. I don’t think that any of us is in doubt that the year that shall remain nameless threw a lot of disconcerting events at us, so much so that we started begging the new year to arrive, hysterically running toward it like lost children who’ve just found their parents in the crowded department store.

Now another thing that I feel I should admit is that I love quotes, so here is one of my favourite quotes by Margaret Drabble “When nothing is sure everything is possible”. I bring it in just as a reminder that it’s highly unlikely that any of us are suddenly going to develop the superpower of being able to control global outcomes anytime soon, so the next best thing could be to work on equipping ourselves to be better able to not just roll with the punches but to actually thrive and grasp the endless possibilities that will surely come our way if we have the inner strength to raise our heads above the parapet to see them.

We all know how easy it is to allow looking after ourselves to slide to the bottom of a ‘to do’ list when we are busy working, achieving and managing our lives, especially when we feel the effects of stress, anxiety and fatigue: ironic isn’t it that just when we need self-love the most is when we are too stressed to see it, but equally we can all relate to the positive benefits of taking a little time to look after ourselves. Being kind to yourself is about more than just going to the gym or eating and sleeping, it’s about acknowledging that you need to put your wellbeing at the centre of all that you do because unless you’re operating fully, you’re not going to be able to thrive in challenging times nor will you be able to truly maximise all of the amazing potential that stands before you!

So here are nine Wow Beauty ‘tried and tested’ tips to help you along.

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