I was introduced to the Multi Vitamin and Minerals supplement, Lamberts Fema 45+ by my Osteopath, Charles Berger after disclosing a long list of ailments; very dry skin, feeling lightheaded along with extremely low energy levels where I could hardly move with the odd sensation of feeling hyper.  My body felt burnt out though my head was saying, ‘Get up and get on with it!’  As much as I was clearly aware I was highly stressed with life matters it was a huge shift in my menstrual cycle made me think something’s not quite right and I was spot on!

Women soon learn, many routes lead to hormones, though we tend to ignore or not even notice physical changes as we are in the habit of getting on with non-stop, neverending to-do lists for our families as well as ourselves.  However, discovering I was transitioning hormonally helped me to process and be practical about being perimenopausal as my practitioner and I collated the facts: my age – I had not long turned 44, early puberty – I started my periods at 9 years old and medical history of Hypothyroidism since my mid 30’s, from non-hereditary factors.

Why Fema 45+?

Two tablets daily with a meal carries 28 premium nutrients essential for bone health, haemoglobin and sugar levels, plus trace metals such as iodine which assist in regulating thyroid function which include body temperature and metabolism.  In other words, if our bodies were a central heating system, our boiler might reduce efficiency over time without the right care and go unnoticed for months, even years.  Once the pilot light fizzled out, we might feel we have time, although a little fatigued but no big signs of change but over time, neglected, our system can eat into reserves making it more likely to increase chances of future deficiencies and in turn harder to switch our pilot light back on to become a fully working system.  Hence why I was relieved to leave my appointment with such a specific and scientific aid from trusted brand, Lamberts, who only produce right potency products and supply only to Practitioners, GP’s, Nutritionists and Pharmacists.  Charles, Principle Osteopath at Wallington Green Osteopaths says, ”I recommend ladies in their middle years to try Fema 45+.  Our practice manager began taking this supplement five years ago and quickly noticed a reduction in her aches and pains together with improved energy levels…now our patients are benefiting too”.

I had ensured I took blood tests almost immediately to confirm this diagnosis and now 3 months on Fema 45+ has become a staple supplement as I cross off my list of ailments and find vast improvement to my concentration, energy and skin. Within a week I had found a slight boost in energy and no sudden episodes of feeling faint, which gave me the confidence to continue with this supplement route as my body was responding positively so finally I could get on with it!

Have you tried Fema 45+ or found ways to supplement your health and your hormones?

Nadira xx

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