Every month we profile ‘Words of wisdom‘ from a fabulous fempreneur & this month we’ve invited Amanda Rabor to share hers. Amanda is the founder of MiniMode London kids fashion week & is also my sister. We support each others dreams visions and ambitions, we share our highs and lows – we are each other’s cheerleader in chief. Be inspired xx
Amanda, please tell us a little bit about yourself
Hi, I’m passionate about my Self and Spiritual Development. I love my working life which is both creative and care-giving and I love working for myself. I’ve created an amazing kids fashion platform aimed at nurturing kids confidence and developing small designers in what is a fiercely competitive children’s fashion market. Mini Mode, champions diversity and inclusivity on many levels. I’m proud of this accomplishment as I’ve innovated kids fashion in the UK on so many levels.
What are some of the things that have helped you to get through lockdown?
I have been putting in some deeper spiritual practices since last year and I found that during the lockdown they’ve really helped to anchor me and take me out of the immediacy of it all. Simple things like meditation and energy healing have kept me going.
What have you discovered about yourself during lockdown?
At first I had a feeling of being overwhelmed and that was due to my work as a Key Worker. I was dealing with the unknown and having to place myself in very vulnerable conditions, but that showed me that I had a deeper resilience and strong leadership abilities so I felt proud of myself.
As it progressed and months and months have gone by, I’ve gone deeper into my Self Development and used the time to explore myself and my needs and wants for the future. It’s been revealing and I’m looking forward to see how it all plays out.
As you know Wow Beauty is committed to encouraging wellbeing. What are some of your non-negotiable self-care rituals? (the things that help you to be your best you)?
Putting the right thoughts and words into my headspace every day. Ensuring my space is really comfortable and sensual and meditating daily. I find consistency is key to my emotional, spiritual, physical and mental health.
What are your must-have skincare and haircare products? and what is the last product that you’ve discovered that’s become a ‘must-have’?
I’ve found some really great hair products through Wow Beauty. Trepadora is a must-have, particularly the Quinoa Shampoo and Clay conditioner. I also recently got Skin Alchemist’s body scrub. That’s just lush and makes me feel great.
Are you a minimalist or a maximalist when it comes to beauty?
Neither. I just love really good products that make my skin glow. But that glow requires vitamins, lots of water and plenty or rest. Actually, does that make me more of a maximalist?
How has your relationship with your beauty changed over the years?
Ha, I’ve definitely developed a much better understanding of beauty products and their relationship to my skin. As I get older, taking care of my skin is much more important to me as is exercise and living a less stressful life.
What change would you like to see in the beauty landscape?
I love seeing body-positive people championing diversity in beauty. To me, it’s the way it should be. It’s common sense as we don’t all look the same. How can there be one beauty standard? One positive of Social Media is that you see diversity from around the world and that’s beautiful. People are putting themselves out there and I like to think that it’s helped to change our appreciation of beauty. It melds into our societal or collective consciousness, advertising, tv programmes and little by little things become accepted. I’m happy to see how BLM is permeating the beauty landscape and demanding that there is a diverse mix not just of models but of beauty and fashion brands and creators on the leading selling platforms and beyond. I want to see these things as the norm and not the exception anymore. Excluding huge swathes of people is just non-sensical.

Thank you, Amanda.

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