Beauties, welcome to 2023! We’re excited to see what’s next in this industry. The beauty and wellbeing industry is known for thriving on newness and constantly on the pulse of finding the next big thing, and of course this is something that will always be a part of it… but there’s certainly been a shift to a slower, more thoughtful, ethical and sustainable approach to the industry.

Here are some of the things that we think will be at the forefront of the beauty and wellbeing industry this year.

Even more focus on wellbeing fragrances clinique

When is a perfume more than just a perfume? When it’s designed to boost wellbeing.

Let’s face it, when perfume was originally designed, it was more about camouflaging unpleasant odours than boosting the mood. In more recent times when we choose a perfume, it’s usually because we like the fragrance notes and the effect that they have on us, for example, florals reminders of certain flowers, where is would often remind us of things like forests or fireplaces. I don’t think that we really spent a lot of time thinking about how our perfumes affect our well-being or our mood.

However, in recent years, there have been more scientific studies conducted into the effect of fragrance on mood, especially over the last three or four years there’s been an increase in the production of wellbeing fragrances.

Okay, you may have tried a pillow mist that contains essential oils like lavender, chamomile or rose, known for their ability to induce calm and sleep, you may even use a rollerball containing lemon, or rosemary to either lift your mood or calm you down, but now you can actually wear a perfume that can do all of that or more. These wellbeing fragrances have harnessed the combined power of nature and science to create fragrances that work on the different parts of the brain, and companies like The Nue Co are at the forefront of this, with many other brands snapping at their heels.


More Multitasking Products

Products that multitask are not simply about saving time anymore, they have increasingly become about sustainability as well. That being said, the practical applications are welcomed especially in the area of skincare and makeup.

Increasingly we are witnessing the launch of products that deliver effective skin care across more than just concern: so instead of needing to use multiple potions, we’re able to use 1 serum that delivers brightening, plumping and antioxidant protection as opposed to 2 or 3 products that have to be layered. When it comes to moisturisers and sun protection, there is a lot to be said for moisturisers that have a high SPF of 30 or more included in their formulation.

Optimising Living and Working Spacesmedia

People becoming more conscious of how their work and living environment can be integral to their wellness, especially as more of us have the option to work from home.

For many of us, the reality of living through the pandemic years has encouraged us to change the way that we live and work. Being forced to work from home meant that we realised that our wellbeing doesn’t have a beginning and ending – it’s actually in a constant state of being and as such needs to be considered whether we are ‘at work’ or at home.

So, we predict an increase in the way that we style our environments to be more supportive of our wellbeing. Everything from the air that we breathe via the use of air purifiers, essential oil atomisers and therapeutic room mists, to the things that we surround ourselves with that give us comfort like candles or artworks, to the colours that surround us and the sounds that we listen to. Making sure that your environment is optimised for the feel good factor has never been easier.

An Increase in Wellbeing and Health Technology

We predict an increase in the use of technology to help us to manage our health and wellbeing… sleep trackers etc. They have become increasingly popular, plus you can check your blood sugar, stress levels etc… this will continue to evolve and increase.

You may have thought that using a Fitbit was the pinnacle of wellbeing management. As we all become increasingly conscious of and try to take more responsibility for our health and wellness, the use of tech like the Oura which is a ring that monitors your sleep, heart rate, calories burnt, stress levels and periods, and tech that checks our blood sugar too.

Ultimately we’ll soon have everything that we need to monitor our health and wellbeing.

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