Welcome to our second Christmas Wishlist!

When creating this one, we decided to focus on something that’s very important to us and at the core of what we’re doing here at Wow Beauty… wellbeing. We curated this list to be all about those things that are really mood boosting… things to uplift you and boost your wellbeing.


Uplifting Gifts


Therapie Roques O’Neil Crystal Clear

Harking back to the olden days where the fainting women were awoken by smelling salts… if you know someone who sometimes struggles with keeping up their focus during a long day, here is something for them! Open up the pot of gorgeous pink Amethyst & quartz chips and inhale… the mixture of essential oils instantly sharpens the mind and brings clarity.

Buy Crystal Clear smelling salts for £32 from Therapie

LBB Skincare – Flight Mode

I love this from wellbeing brand LBB Skincare. this rollerball is perfect for those who want their stress relief ‘on the go’! This blend of lavender, patchouli, cedarwood, eucalyptus and more are designed to promote a sense of calm as well as purify the air around you, creating the perfect stress-free zone.

Buy the flight mode essential oil blend for £35 from LBB Skincare

Soapsmith Bath Soak

This lush relaxing bath soak named after lavender hill in london is infused with the gorgeous scent of relaxing lavender and jasmine essential oils, blended with skin-nourishing ingredients like dead sea salt and coconut milk. For the festive gifting, you can get it in a lovely gift box. Yes please!

Buy the soaks for £25 from Soapsmith

Okiki candle

Mother and daughter Nigerian/British brand Okiki have a beautiful range of soy candles that look absolutely stunning with gorgeous wooden wicks. This is a delightfully earthy and musky candle that creates a soothing ambience, perfect for those times when you want to feel cocooned.

Buy the candle for £25 from Okiki

Henua Energising Body Lotion

This Luxurious body lotion feels deeply nourishing and nurturing when you apply it to your skin, it has a lovely velvety texture. What makes it more than a body lotion?  Well, this waterless brand have formulated this lotion to be energising, it includes the gorgeous soft but uplifting scent of lemongrass essential oil and utilises ingredients like sea buckthorn and birch sap to provide hydration, promote elasticity and regeneration. It also boasts therapeutic benefits thanks to the inclusion of cornflower to help reduce swelling.

Saint Iris Adriatica – Energy Cleanse

This appeals on a multisensory level; love the gorgeous green colour of the packaging which is instantly uplifting then there’s the fragrance which is unique as well as uplifting – love it. The brand say that “Feel the fjaka: Before cleansing, inhale the uplifting aromas with three deep breaths to awaken all senses“

What I can tell you that it smells like a Mediterranean vacation – citrusy perhaps with a hint of bergamot and borage… beautiful!

Buy the Energy cleanse for £29 from The Dor Beauty Edit

Wow Beauty Affirmation Notebooks

Be Inspired by our Affirmation Notebooks! I’ve been a believer in the power of positive statements for as long as I can remember…I think that my initial passion was ignited by the groundbreaking writers like Shakti Gawain, Louise Hay and Deepak Chopra. Their writings are powerful reminders that we have so much power within ourselves to transform and heal. I wanted to create something to share with you and the notebooks were born…they are a collection of affirmations that will ground, uplift and motivate you!

Buy the Affirmation Notebooks for £8 from The DOR Beauty Edit


Each of the Asé natural 13ml rollerball in their new collection is named after a Yoruba Goddess from the Pantheon of Orishas, traditional earth goddesses that have often been replaced or demonised by organised Western Religions. As West African tradition is held up by Oral histories rather than written, it is important for the wider Diasporic memory to honour and hold up the myths and origin stories of our ancestors.

Their all – natural rollerballs are made up of a Marula oil base, and unique blends of pure organic essential oils that reflect the properties of three of the goddesses, or Orishas.  Take some time out of your day to go inward. Inhale, visualise. The fragrances can be layered and mixed and matched throughout the day and come in a package of three.

Buy the Goddess Rollerballs for £42 from Liha

For Wellbeing


Kiss the Moon Bath Salts

Sleep brand Kiss the Moon is a beautiful aromatherapy-based brand to help you get a better nights sleep… love their bath salts for ultimate relaxation in the evening to get prepared for sleep!  Their Magnesium-rich mineral salts ease tired muscles and soften the skin. They are infused with the DREAM blend of LAVENDER, BERGAMOT, CEDARWOOD & CHAMOMILE essential oils, to soothe body and soul at bedtime.

Buy the salts from Kiss the Moon

Saskia Essences

Ever since I started using these earlier this year after having them on my shopping list I’ve not been without them… you can purchase a full set which is ideal for gifting! So far I’ve tried ‘focus, energise, create’ and I swear that when I use it I become more productive. Breathe deep, seek peace is lovely when I want to quiet my mind. These are similar to Bach flower remedies where the essence of a flower is distilled and make the perfect gift, especially after the year we’ve had.

You can buy a set for £48 from Saskia Essences

Acupressure Mat

My ‘bed of nails’ accupressure mat is the latest addition to my wellbeing toolkit. Admittedly it may look and sound like a torture instrument but heres the thing: because it’s based on accupressure so the spikes on the mat are specially designed to target your muscles in the most relaxing way.  it takes some getting used to but it’s worth it as it’s meant to help with stress reduction, improving sleep, Back and neck pain and better circulation.

Buy the mat for £70 from Cult Beauty

Anatome Recovery and Sleep

I’m an aromatherapy addict and I’ve found myself relying on the power of this ancient art even more than usual. I came across Anatome last year with their unique blend of aromatherapy and wellness. I love how they blend aromatherapy, nutrition and skincare to help to create bespoke wellbeing solutions. This lavender essential oil blend for sleep features 22 essential oils and will help you fall asleep, supporting eight hours of deep rest. They uniquely blend the nurturing scents of Cornish, Provençal and Himalayan Lavenders due to their high levels of linalyl acetate and linalool which have proven relaxing and sleep-inducing properties.

Buy the oil for £35 from Anatome

Graces London CBD Roll-on Moisturiser

Infused with CBD, this roller ball works on many levels… both as a moisturiser for the skin… the scent is also super relaxing, and also the CBD in this product works on the inside too… amazing!

Buy the rollers from £25 from Graces London


Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Sleep Mist

Love a good pillow mist to help optimise my sleep conditions and this gorgeous blend from Aromatherapy experts Aromatherapy Associates.

Expertly blended with Vetivert, Chamomile and Sandalwood, the comforting formula releases a cloud of pure tranquillity to soothe and calm the senses, whilst allowing you to enjoy a peaceful slumber.

Buy the Aromatherapy Associates Pillow Mist for £28 from Look Fantastic

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