Boucleme Protein Booster

Boucleme Protein Booster

The future of beauty lies in customization. To be able to create your own cocktail specific for your own needs at that moment… and this is exactly where Boucleme’s latest product, their protein booster comes in.

I was very excited about this when I first heard about it – it’s such a unique product that I feel is also an absolute essential in your routine. Sometimes, I find when I’m building my washday routine that I want both moisture as well as protein and this way, I can cater to that easily and effectively.

Within one use, my hair felt stronger and more balanced, without going straight into protein overload! I like to use this in my masks, although you can also use this in a shampoo / conditioner or even in your styling products.

Why do you need a protein treatment?

This product is perfect for those hair types that are in desperate need of protein – think damaged, coloured and hair that feels lifeless, out of shape.

Remember – there’s a difference between hair that needs protein and hair that needs moisture. Here’s what you should look for when your hair is in need of protein… here’s what to look for if your hair is in need of protein:

  • Your hair is very porous: this means there are tears and gaps in the follicles – protein treatments help strengthen the strands, nourishing the hair with vital proteins that help seal those gaps and create a stronger canvas for styling.
  • Your hair has lost its natural elasticity: If you’re losing your natural curl or wave
  • Your hair is droopy or limp: a protein treatment can help revitalise your strands
  • Your hair feels gummy or sticky: this means the internal structure is pretty damaged, usually a result of colour damage which causes the texture damage. It may be best to speak to a stylist to seek the best treatment, but an at-home protein treatment would be good practice.
  • You’ve recently coloured your hair: colouring your hair changes its texture and can break down the bonds. Using protein treatments in the run-up and after colouring your hair can help to build your hair back up

Find out more about protein treatments here.

What’s to love

  • Hair feels stronger after one use and it’s a great product to add into your routine monthly (depending on your level of hair damage)
  • Love how versatile it is: you can use it in your cleansing products as well as your styling products whenever you need a protein boost.
  • It’s a highly concentrated formula – a little goes a long way! You just need up to 6 drops.
  • It gave my hair structure – often my curls start to drop out after a couple of days, but I definitely felt like their retained their structure and bounciness after using this treatment.

This is a fab addition to any haircare routine – a little extra boost for that washday when your hair is in need of a structure boost… love!

Jess x

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