Hair Syrup ‘Growsmary’ Rosemary Oil

Hair Syrup ‘Growsmary’ Rosemary Oil

Healthy hair? Yes please!

The foundation of good hair is a healthy scalp, that’s why I’ve been looking for a new scalp treatment. I recently have had the pleasure of trying the Hair Syrup Rosemary Oil “Growsmary”. It promises stronger, healthier hair, with Rosemary Oil as their key ingredient, which is considered the gold standard for hair growth and healthy hair. I have curly, colour treated hair so making sure it’s as healthy as it can be is essential for it to look its best.

This fabulous hair syrup comes with an easy to apply to the scalp applicator, easy to use before your regular hair wash.

How to usehair syrup

  • Use this once a week as a prewash treatment: apply it to the scalp one hour or so before washing the hair.
  • It’s so easy to slip into my regular routine – as long as I remember to use it an hour before I’m planning to wash my hair! All you have to do it section out your hair, apply the nozzle directly to the scalp, then massage it in, either with fingers or you could use a scalp brush.
  • Make sure to double cleanse afterwards to make sure the oil is completely washed out of your hair.

The result?

  • Hair is left soft and conditioned.
  • I do feel as though my hair is thicker and healthier – I look forward to using this once a week and I love the rosemary scent.

 Key ingredients

  • Grape seed oil – the main carrier oil, it moisturises the scalp and promotes shiny hair too.
  • Sweet Almond Oil – high in vitamin A and could aid in hair growth.
  • Rosemary oil – strengthens and increases blood flow to support hair growth.
  • Thyme oil – anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial, lessens dandruff and nourishes the follicle to encourage new hair growth.

Have you tried a hair growth serum before?

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