It takes a little effort to not only to get your feet summer ready but to keep them looking great throughout. Now I don’t know about you, but the more I wear cute summery sandals, the more attention my feet seem to demand. There’s something about being exposed to the air that makes them really needy; they need more exfoliating, more buffing, more moisturising…just more attention. Period.

So I thought I’d share the products that I use to keep my feet looking presentable all summer long (and in the winter as well…I really like taking off my winter layers at the end of a long day and seeing summer ready feet.)

Foot saviour no 1

A good old fashioned pumice stone to remove any hard areas of skin. My favourite is this NEWTONS ‘chiropody sponge’ which is used wet with soap; it only takes a few minutes to buff away areas of dry hard skin.

newtons foot sponge

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Foot saviour no 2

A good exfoliator: when at the beach you can use sand to remove any dry dead skin or a good scrub. I like to use ‘CRABTREE AND EVELYN ‘ La Source hand recovery scrub on my feet, it really softens and smoothes my skin and prepares my feet for moisturising. A new discovery is the ‘Invigorating Peppermint Foot Scrub’ by ‘NATURALLY MADE FOR YOU’. It’s smells amazing and is packed with essential oils of peppermint, rosemary, lavender and eucalyptus which protect, freshen, soothe the feet.  Of course if you already have a good body scrub you can always use it to do the job.


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NATURALLY MADE 4 U peppermint-foot-scrub

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Foot saviour no 3

A really good foot cream or oil can really make a huge difference to the condition of your feet! I was introduced to CCS ‘Foot Care Cream’ a few years ago by my sister and I love it because it provides deep moisturising, softening dry rough skin and prevents my feet from reverting to untouchable status.

Another product that I really love is MARGARET DABBS Intensive Treatment Foot Oil…this is a miracle in a bottle. No matter how scary your feet look, spray this on, rub it in and your feet look human again! Another bonus is that it smells of lemongrass ….

Last but by no means least is THE BODY SHOP  ‘Peppermint Intensive Foot Rescue’ which is really rich so works really well to soften hard skin; as a special treatment you can use this product overnight with sleep socks, which allows it to penetrate for super soft feet in the morning.

ccs footcare cream

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body shop peppermint_intensive_foot_rescue

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Now if I didn’t have any of these products to hand, what would I use? Pure SHEA BUTTER of course! It has amazing moisturising properties, so it really penetrates the skin to provide deep nourishing, long lasting moisture!










Foot saviour no 4 is sunblock! It’s amazing how many of us forget about our feet when we apply sunblock, our feet can suffer the effects of sun damage as much as any other part of our body, so protect them, everytime you apply sun protection to your body, apply some to your feet.