There’s something about cleansing balms that is very satisfying, I don’t know if it’s the ritual of applying it to my skin and experiencing it transform, aided by the heat of my hands from a glutinous balm to a liquid or if it’s the satisfaction of then massaging it into my skin with a muslin cloth…but satisfying is the word. Actually, the ritual of cleansing with a balm forces me to be mindful, to focus on my skin and to really take notice, a welcome bit of ‘me time’ in an otherwise busy day. I have used cleansing balms on and off over the years, and I do have a couple of favourite fail safe products, but in terms of the above description this ticks all of those ‘satisfaction’ boxes and more.

Firstly, it smells great, kind of the way a balm should smell, a comforting mixture of herbal and pure.

Secondly, it melts into the skin easily.

Thirdly, it is a really effective cleanser, your skin will feel perfectly cleansed and purified, without any leftover balmy residue (which you can have with some balms) just a lovely moist feeling, which is due to its hydrating ability. Depending on your skin type you might prefer to use it with a muslin cloth as I do which really increases the exfoliating effect of this cleanser; either way you will be left with brighter, smoother skin.


As well as vitamin E it contains

  • Macroloba Butter to control your skin’s PH.
  • Sesame Oil to dissolves impurities.
  • Macadamia Oil to soften the skin.
  • Bamboo Powder is a non abrasive exfoliator.


Available from   £55