Spring/Summer skinmarielle alix

Most people are happily clapping their hands because summer is here! What many of us forget is that our skin needs help to adapt to the seasonal changes that can upset our skin, especially sensitive skin. Having experienced her expertise first hand (hopefully you’ve read my review of  my facial…) it was obvious that we’d go to holistic beauty & wellbeing ‘REN’ treatment specialist Marielle Alix for her tips to calm reactive skin.

Skin behaves badly sometimes and, for some of us, stress is the only trigger necessary for our skin to flare up and show signs of scaly, itchy, dry eczema or dermatitis.
Sometimes stress is unavoidable, so seek out extremely gentle skincare regimes which focus on omega 3 and 7 Essential Fatty Acids and essential oils, such as chamomile or calendula.  These will actively help reduce red, sore and flaky skin.  To avoid further irritation, take care not to overly exfoliate and learn to gently dab your skin dry instead of furiously wiping it dry!
Are the foods you are eating causing your skin sensitivity?
Your diet can positively or negatively influence your skin condition and you may wish to get tested for food intolerances /allergies. In my practice I have found that the main culprits to be gluten, wheat and dairy.  But if eliminating those doesn’t appear to be helping your condition, other triggers such as nuts, soy, caffeine could be the ones causing skin inflammation. The good news is that, these days, there are so many substitutes to choose from you won’t have to feel unsatisfied or malnourished.
Treat nutritional deficiencies
Sensitive skin usually needs boosting in Zinc, Magnesium and B vitamins, so do get advice on which best supplements to use.
Take these healing foods to help bring faster results
  • Organic coconut oil: minimum 1 tbsp per day: anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Add to your smoothies, porridge, spread on gluten-free bread or biscuits.
  • Add probiotic foods to help with a most probable “leaky gut syndrome”: Kefir, fermented vegetables are amazing, and can be better assimilated by the body than capsule supplements.
  • Optimise your skin repair by increasing your consumption of Omega 3s. Eat flax, hemp seeds and / or oil, Fish or Krill oil Supplements.  Eat oily fish (mackerel, salmon, sardines at least 2x per week).
  • Add MSM (organic sulphur) to help repair skin damage. MSM is called the beauty mineral and I recommend it for any skin issues.

You can ask Marielle questions here: hi@wowbeauty.co